Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bridal hairstyle:as simple as possible

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Simple is now widely popular, a simple wedding dress, a pair of simple but yet elegant wedding shoes, even a simple hairstyle on a simple hairpin, hair bands make you elegant and delicate as a culmination of the bride.

Looking at so many public figures, there are a lot of shape to wrap hair show his bride, Fan's wedding, appeared as Barbie styling, simple Phi avoid too fluffy princess hair style should head high degree of hair from the eyebrows back comb, and not from the ear height. 

This exposed face and let the rest of the hair draped over the shoulders, the tail is more suitable for hot dinner roll atmosphere. If the hair is too fluffy, combined with too much hair combed to the back, half your plate at the back half of the hair hanging down to the shape of the hair will be like a barracuda, then it is too bad.

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