Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 wedding trends

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So in the new year, which means tons of busy work a new bride to plan their perfect wedding! With so much pressure, you just need to Inspiration and information, how to make this special day.

This year's trend is to go smaller and personal, not so great and objective.


People should be able to go to your wedding, it screams out loud your name! Reallytry to put your wedding on your personal style, this year, less is more is that they aresaying.

Here are some alarming trends in love, and that their wedding inspiration, would be useful.

Lace on the dress and accessories

Dress from high to low

Ivory trade is still a great color, not white dress this year

Jackets and coats

Window frames, soft, or the color of your clothes popular tray

Halo head piece, rather than the veil

Bird cage veil

Does not match the bride's maid

Romantic vintage inspired dresses and dress

More jeweled flowers mixed bouquets elements.

Personal style, like the DIY signs, sign letters from friends

Sequins on your clothes, accessories, or wallpaper


All of these are alarming trend, benevolence, love, that you can mix your dream wedding. Inspired! An inspiration board
Can be added to the year-long, so you can get the right feeling, you see, the next few years will be displayed in the photographs of friends and family.

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