Thursday, January 12, 2012

7 tips to reduce the cost of wedding

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The upcoming royal wedding, like the "yes" Dress "TV show there is no doubt that many dream of fashion wedding couple, but its price range from the practical point of view there are many ways to shave an average wedding cost from hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and still memorable and wonderful. Here are a few:

1. become engaged after the first step is to set the date. Survey site, to provide "off-season" discount. You do not have six months of marriage ceremony memorable. Sometimes you can negotiate a better price, if you agree, recently canceled a date, but too early for most brides plan foThree to four months is too short for most people the sound, but if your organization, you can plan an elegant wedding that most people are not in this short period of time.

In addition, to maintain smaller and larger than the guest list. In a strange wedding guest list will be cheaper than the big alcohol and dry the chicken more exclusive and intimate wedding.

2. Next is the wedding dress. This is the cost of the wedding you have a lot of control. There are dress bazillions, so you really do not have the latest features of your favorite Bride "magazine cover. There are so many choices of wedding dress to save money. ... By his girlfriend's beautiful dress and she would flattered, you will have a lifelong bond. or, from the bridal store sample dress. In addition, there are many new websites now offer well-dress out of your price range, once. Oh, I have recently seen Costco is now selling designer wedding dress. Hey, if it looks nice, who cares you bought it!

3.determine the reception. Often just break from the ordinary, is enough to make your wedding memorable. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars of filet mignon and Dom Perignon. Try a Friday night wedding, things will automatically seem more casual and you will not have extra money to spend money on luxurious details. Or, have brunch wedding. The menu cheaper, if you are serving Eggs Benedict and mimosa. And all your guests will remember it, because it is unique (but still elegant).

4. Wine ... a usually your first instinct will be limited to the railway alcohol to save money. Your guests will notice this. My best advice is to limit the quantity rather than quality. Travelers checks or try to keep only beer and wine list.

Another reason to try brunch wedding ... .... Guests can have unlimited champagne, elegant feel, but people do not drink so early in the day is almost the same (at least not ... anyway ... there is always an uncle Phil.)

5. reception cut the average cost of one of the most intelligent way to hire DJ, rather than a band. You may like to listen to live music, but it will be significantly more expensive to hire a great band. Please do not waste a mediocre band in a lot of money, just because you think it is doing. A DJ is a person in the main dance floor. He will know how to read the crowd, so that everyone is happy - at a fraction of the cost of.

6. photographer is needed. In my experience, you really need to hire a photographer, but you do not buy him / her the most expensive package. Will you hire a photographer and digital copies were sold to you. So you can use all the great pictures of your friends and family gathered in a complete wedding album. I heard one of the greatest regret is that the bride payed fancy album, not even "good" way too many pictures. From the photographer's digital photos and your best friends and family put together your own album, not only will help you reduce costs, but may also have the best keepsake.


7. Finally, do not forget wedding flowers.flower is a good opportunity to reduce the average cost of today's wedding. Flowers are beautiful and irresistible to your wedding day ... .... Just not doing that. Your wedding florist can help you get the most for your money display. Do not spend excessive decoration of the church, save your own bouquet. restrictions, bridesmaid's bouquets, table centerpieces at the reception flowers. Large center focus becomes so expensive, when you really need is a small, dynamic arrangements and some well-placed candles.




I hope you have a beautiful wedding! Remember, you can not pay top dollar plan a beautiful, memorable wedding. This is about priorities and allocation of your budget the way, will allow you to for your buck largest region, the most influential of the explosion dollars. If you have more ideas to help reduce their average cost of the bride's wedding, please comment. We are very happy to hear from you.

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