Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nine points to a perfect wedding

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The wedding is a solemn and complicated process, in order to confusion in the bride and groom some inspiration, here, I have collected some information about the course of the marriage couple, relatively easy to overlook the 9 points, hope for the future bride and groom to get married, would some use.

1, the bride and groom for wedding makeup trial before the wedding day is best able to wear the wedding dresses and tuxedos are ready, so, you can make a complete make-up artist to see the effect, but not at the time of marriage will seem very short, and let the wedding even more perfect.

2, the wedding underway, with the inevitable four guests toast to the bride to wear shoes when it tired, so before marriage, should try a few more shoes to wear comfortable, so much softer to prepare several pairs of shoes .

3, the increase in the romantic wedding in a little warmth and gratitude of a wedding is a good choice. So before marriage for parents to remember to prepare a Thanksgiving gift, the gift may not be valuable, but it must be hard to choose, do not tell their parents before the wedding, the wedding to give them a surprise.

4, one month before the wedding when the hair will begin to send formal invitations. Two months before the wedding in advance by telephone or other means to inform guests at your wedding date so guests have ample time to make preparations to attend the wedding. And one to two weeks before the wedding, should be invited to attend the wedding with all the guests to communicate again to see if there can not attend or temporary increase in the number of guests, the number of the hotel during the wedding ceremony to avoid custom error number with the embarrassing situation.

5, take the required alcohol and tobacco wedding sugar, advance preparation and packaging of candy.

6, for the bridesmaids to prepare a fine small hand bag, paper towel inside the essential items that, in the ceremony, the bride can not help but be moved to tears, when the tissue is essential for small props, oh.

7, if the wedding guests in the very old, then we should prepare some essential emergency medicine, when the unexpected will need them.

8, advance arrangements for unmarried girls took over the bouquet in part, to avoid the phenomenon of cold field appeared at that time. Because a lot of girls in such a grand banquet will become stage fright.

9, the wedding dress when the wedding is important, our bride and groom will be the guests of the eyes to follow all the points, so in order to more perfect wedding, the week before the wedding to try on dresses and tuxedos again, if inappropriate place to do last-minute changes.

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