Saturday, February 18, 2012

Choose a wedding dresses according your body shape

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You’re Petite

You want to extend your short above-average frame. Choose the dress, a long, vertical flowing lines, a high degree of illusion. See the outline of an empire, sheath and trumpet gown waist, which will lengthen your body and legs, so that you appear high. Away from the big, poufy dress, like a prom dress will drown your little box and the drop-down waist clothes, make your legs look shorter.

You’re Well-Endowed

Choose the right neckline is the key. A V neckline is not too crash or portrait and sweetheart neckline compliment choice. To avoid the high collar, and will only make your bust look bigger. Away from the empire waist, this does not flatter a larger bust. The bottom, looking for a mild fullness of the skirt will balance top-heavy. A drop-down waist, will help to elongate your waist, and therefore reduce your bust.

You’re a Pear

You carry your weight in your lower half of a smaller upper body. A-line skirt look at a piece of clothing, which will highlight your waist and chest, across your hips and thighs. AV neckline or noodles with a top draw eyes, your neck and face away from you the bottom half. It will also balance your shoulders to your hips narrow. A void sheath dress, it would be a thankless choice.

You’re an Hourglass

You tend to have breasts and buttocks. Looking for the A-line dress, it will make you look taller, try to reduce your waist. In addition, the fully conditional Ruching can make your waist and hips look smaller. Skirt, made ​​of a sturdy fabric like satin, will provide a structure to avoid close to the fabric, but make sure your clothes are not too loose. The fit is crucial, does not fit the gown will only make you look bigger.

You’re Slender

Thin and slender arms and long-term, thin legs from top to bottom line. The trick is to create the illusion of a number of special body to enhance your femininity. To do this, pick the dress, a defined waist circumference, or waist, mermaid silhouette prom dress would be ideal, from the waist flairs details (such as a belt). An imperial robes, the illusion of the chest to create a more comprehensive. Also look forward to an open collar, cut back or plunged to five neck.

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