Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Classic black tie or white tie tuxedos bring sophistication to your day

Pin It When it comes to men's formal clothing,classic and chic tuxedo never out of style. This is a solid bet for a stylish success and your bride swept her feet.Depending on your wedding style and time.

A large number of options available, but no matter what do you do, if you adhere to the basic knowledge and timeless ensemble, you feel great.You will not be a problem.If you expect to have the opportunity to wear a tuxedo three to four times a year, or if you love the idea of keep your tuxedo, as a Memorial of your big day, then nothing more than to have your own custom.
And a perfectly tailored tuxedo. However, the absence of these factors is really suitable for you, then hire tuxedo, may be your best choice. Must leave the accessories sufficient time to allow all are suitable for you a T.

White tie

That the European royal family that heads of state diplomatic dinner that in the opera, gentlemen, that the ultra-formal and traditional. White tie tuxedo is the formal dress of most men, but few wear, its guidelines are very specific:

  • White tie is worn only after 6pm or when the sun goes down
  • Peak lapel and long tail cut off at the back of a black suit
  • Black trousers and white suspenders
  • A white wing collar shirt
  • white cotton pique vest and bow tie
  • White mother of pearl shirt studs and cuff links
  • Black patent leather dress shoes
  • White corsage

The daytime version of the white tie known as the morning coat, it is still widely wear to the wedding,
The traditional activities of the Jockey Club in the UK and throughout Europe. It includes:

  • A gray or black tailcoat with a long, curved cutaway front
  • Striped gray trousers
  • Gray or cream vest
  • A white refuse collar shirt
  • Tie or bow tie
  • Polished black lace shoes

Black tie:
Black tie tuxedo men's formal wear is the most common and the most common version, and can
Scope of the super-classic style and chic, modern and innovative.Traditional black tie, include:

  • A dramatic and angular peak lapel, elegant and refined notch lapel, or a romantic round
  • Shawl collar
  • Black pants, lateral and satin
  • In the same fabric as your lapel tie or formal ties
  • Your collar and tie a cummber bund or vest in the same fabric
  • A crisp white shirt with wing white-collar workers or close down collar and French cuffs
  • Patent leather or highly polished dress shoes


During the day, the etiquette to wear black tie of the cart, which is very similar to the morning
Dress up in addition to usually wear a tie instead of a bow tie, coat in the back there is no tail.
In the summer or tropical climate, white or cream-colored evening dress can be worn, rather than in black.


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