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What to wear when you say: Yes,I do

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When Jil Sander Raf Simons traditional bride in his autumn / winter 2012 collection sent down at the end of the runway, the audience can be forgiven for thinking, fitted wedding last fall, and more crisp evening cocktail or prom dress. However, this is the point. Simmons to collect all the new ways of thinking the outline of the role of fashion clothing designer, and his bride to be emphasized is the mode of thinking.

Intentionally or unintentionally, there is a show this season, to meet a numerous modern bride dress, she was willing to Chanel's, a decrease of bouclé, Sarah Burton foam, sexy and intricate collection of Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, beautiful Broderie Anglaise, Louis Vuitton, headwear (every girl should have one).

But the question is, do not have a modern bride really want it? Anna Valentine's Day with a long line of Tony customers, including the Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla, she created the royal wedding of her wedding dress and her clothes), pointed out that it depends, first and foremost, on the occasions when fashion designers. "If it is a Registry, and more brides would consider wear chic suits, or beautiful clothes can be worn again, it is truly the perfect opportunity," she said. "You can still see the beautiful and unique, even if you do not wear a long dress and veil."

Greek fashion designer Sophia Kokosalaki is preparing to launch her own bridal wear in responding to requests to Natalie the Net-a-Porter, Maas between people, many of her clients now choose to get married on an island or on the beach This means that there are very different priorities. Kaluolinbo Stan Brown, creative director and founder of Brown, the bride, agreed: "There are so many destination weddings are often with a retro feel, feel beautiful and easy gowns these days," There is nothing. Burstein said, change the location, the basic requirements of the dress to flatter the body, the bride looks like she could. "

The tradition of the church services, "pastry" This is a thing of the past. "I think 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding" really put off, said: "Valentine's Day. A big church wedding, she said she bought beautiful clothes can be worn more than once fans." There are so many investment opportunities things, and not relegated to a box, and never see it again, "she said.

I.e as a modern bride. Wear something that came to the runway, not a wedding shop won't is not necessarily any cheaper. The poll of my own designer wedding dress that something less than 2000 pounds of course, can be considered "reasonable" Broderie Anglaise dress, Louis Vuitton began in 23,000 pounds of € 10,595 McQueen gown. Net-a-Porter, beautiful Lanvin's wedding dress, short cocktail length ball gown, on behalf of the marriage bargain, starting at around £ 1,600. Valentine's Day recommendations to see a truly modern: "I have created a one-fairing like the overall direction of the shoulder and face of the packaging, and it looks amazing, there is no veil, or at least the veil sorting Burton design McQueen this season to provide their own unique veil, as a skullcap or sometimes the entire mask.

Burstein said that there is an additional purchase of wedding these days, given the elements, no matter what the cost. 50% of her clients to buy their own clothes. "Bride of control," she said. "The average age for marriage is 30, I see the bride to know what they want, they know their bodies best and they want to see the most beautiful, but they will not be dictated to by a lot less girls to with their mother, for example, store. "But Burstein, who is included in the New York bride" must "Vera Wang on her roster, an increase of most brides or beautiful, fluffy and long-term perspective, not a ball gown but the soft structure of things and a lot of movement. "" Remember, "she said," a woman does not want to go to a wedding, to see anyone in anything like her dress, so it must be an excellent. "

Inevitably, discussed in the same sentence, the wedding and looking for stunning, recently married the Duchess of thought. However, it is easy to see the amazing people who have unlimited resources, disposal, and youth and slim the slim side. (By the way, brides can now purchase uses the same lace from beam Mrs Sophie Hallette, the Paris Royal dress;

 Be compared to another candidate is Kate Moss. However, there is only one Kate Moss, for them, the designer John Galliano specially created piece of clothing. And above the bride is neither what can be called forward-thinking clothing. According to Burstein, when it comes to the bride, without people nagging feeling, the appearance of questions about the security. "In my experience, the most perfect model, have a question about her body hanging in her wedding, even in the most modern women into the store to request:" I wanted something that my bride " "she said.

These days, a great dress may be extensive degree of explanation. A woman's white flowing satin gown is the idea of ​​the hell of another woman's dress. More and more, however, the fashion world and prepare to - wear a viable option for women in the most recent example of the Valentino fashion show in Paris, where all the beautiful floral silk number, whiz decline and milking runway met Marie Antoinette bluff home down the aisle can also take a look at.

The other end of the spectrum, check J.Crew "wedding." Sarabeth "dress about 1,200 pounds. Design of kokosalaki, simple and streamlined (from 1,090 to 4,770 pounds), the bidder may be considered at fault for the middle ground between the top line and is literally mail order her to take the bride's in fact very simple. "Modern women have to buy things that will enhance her physique, but also true to her character, "She said she was the most frequent request? Comfortable piece of clothing, not overbearing and her slogan? Definition you want to show you want to pay some of the parts and stick to it.

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