Saturday, March 10, 2012

Add some color to your wedding,make it colorful

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A punch of color to add to your wedding is a hot trend in 2012. Although white is the bride's classic color, bright dash of color has become increasingly popular in recent years. The brides love the idea of color, their wedding adds a unique style. A popular color here and there is also a good way to make your wedding dress to feel custom.

Popular item of the bride in 2012 between the headbandthey can easily be customizedA simple cloth headband decorated with colorful crystals or can be easily in bright ribbon wrappedA little more pizzazz, add bright flowers in your hair or flower color in several different colorsYou can also add to the veil of a brightly colored feathers or flowers.

You may wish to consider in your wedding dress and colorful accessoriesA retro style brooch can be fixed to the waist, a dash of color and talent of the weddingA simple dress can be wrapped around the waist to quickly and easily change the color of fabric or ribbon belt.


When you thought it was the wedding accessories, of course, your wedding shoes will be very important. Even the most traditional bride ,a pair of red pumps peep from her conservative white wedding dress funColorful shoes are a fabulous accent, short skirt,has recently become so popularYour accessories is a fantastic place to express their own personality and style, so have fun with colorful accentsthis will make your wedding band one of the best one.

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