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Bridal dresses Glossary

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AA-LineA dress with a fitted bodice that gradually flares from the waist.Silhouettes
Alencon LaceFine needlepoint lace with corded designs on a sheer net background.Fabrics
AsymmetricalAn uneven design element such as fabric gathered on one side, an uneven hem or a one-shoulder strap.Dress Terms
BBall gownA classic shape with a fitted bodice and a very full skirt that brushes the floor.Silhouettes
Ballet-lengthA full skirt that ends above the ankle.Dress Lengths
Balloon SleevesA sleeve that puffs out from the shoulder.Sleeves
BasqueA fitted bodice with a dropped waist that dips in the center.Waistlines
Bateau NecklineThis neckline closely follows the curve of the collarbone.Necklines
BatisteA light, transparent wedding gown fabric.Fabrics
BlousonA fitted waistband with fabric that blouses over it.Waistlines
BlusherA short veil that covers the bride’s face before the ceremony and is flipped back.Veils
BoleroA cropped jacket that remains open in the front.Accessories
BrocadeA heavier fabric woven with a rich raised design to create a tone-on-tone pattern.Fabrics
Bugle BeadsLong, tubular-shaped glass beads.Trimmings
BurnoutChiffon or organza based fabric that has been put through a process that leaves a pattern in the backing fabric.Fabrics
BustleThe train is gathered and lifted off the ground in a decorative way to make it easier to walk or dance.Dress Terms
CCap SleevesA very short, often rounded sleeve that barely covers the top of the shoulder.Sleeves
Cathedral VeilThe longest of veils, which extends three and a half yards in length.Veils
Cathedral Length TrainA cascading train extending six to eight feet behind the gown, for the most formal weddings.Train Lengths
ChampagneA white with pink undertones.Colors
Chantilly LaceAn elaborate French bobbin lace that is characterized by delicate motifs of scrolls, vines, branches and flowers.Fabrics
Chapel-length TrainThe most popular of all train lengths, it flows three to four feet behind the gown.Train Lengths
CharmeuseA lightweight, semi-lustrous fabric, much like satin.Fabrics
ChiffonA sheer and transparent fabric made from silk (more expensive) or rayon (more affordable). Due to its delicate transparency, it is often layered.Fabrics
CombA decorative headpiece that is held in place with comb teeth. Most veils are attached with a comb.Accessories
CorsetA fitted, seamed bodice that often has a lace-up back and boning for structure.Accessories
Court TrainA train extending one foot beyond the sweep train.Train Lengths
CrepeA soft thin fabric with a crinkled surface.Fabrics
CrownA traditional headpiece that sits atop the head and usually has jeweled or beaded embellishments.Accessories
DDamaskLike Brocade, it has raised designs, but is lighter in weight.Fabrics
DécolletageA low-cut neckline that reveals cleavage.Necklines
Detachable TrainA train that can be removed.Train Lengths
Diamond WhiteA shade off of stark white. This is a safe choice if you’re not sure which white to pick.Colors
Dropped WaistThe waistline of the dress is a few inches below the natural waist, usually at the hips.Waistlines
Duchess SatinAn elegant, lustrous fabric that is shiny, heavy and luxurious.Fabrics
EElbow-length veilA shorter veil, often in multiple layers, extending to the elbow.Veils
EmbroideryDetailed designs stitched into the gown.Trimmings
EmpireA bodice with a high waistline directly below the bust.Silhouettes
EyeletAn open-weave embroidery that is typically associated with warm weather.Fabrics
FFailleA glossy, soft, finely-ribbed silk-like woven fabric made from cotton, silk or rayon.Fabrics
Fairytip VeilA wedding veil that extends to the fingertips.Veils
Floor-lengthA gown that lightly touches the floor all around.Dress Lengths
FlyawayA layered veil that barely reaches the shoulder.Veils
French BustleA French Bustle is hooked from underneath, so that the bustled fabric lays on the outside.Dress Terms
GGarterA band of elasticized fabric worn around the bride’s upper thigh.Accessories
Gauntlet SleevesLong, fitted sleeves or gloves that end in a point over the back of your hand.Sleeves
GeorgetteA sheer, lightweight crinkly crepe-like fabric.Fabrics
HHair ClipClips that are adorned with crystals, beads or flowers.Accessories
HairpinA long U-shaped pin that is used to secure hair or a hair accessory. It can also be decorative, accented with crystals, rhinestones, pearls, etc.Accessories
HalterA neckline that has straps that wrap around the neck and connect at the back.Necklines
HeadbandA band that follows the shape of the head.Accessories
Hi-Lo lengthA variation of the Intermission-length, the Hi-Lo has an Intermission-length front and a Floor-length back.Dress Lengths
IIllusionA sheer net-like fabric used on the sleeves or necklines of wedding gowns.Dress Terms
Intermission-lengthThe dress falls between the knee and mid-calf.Dress Lengths
IvoryA creamy or yellowish white.Colors
JJacquardA fabric with a raised design or pattern woven into it.Fabrics
JerseyA soft fabric with a bit of stretch.Fabrics
Jewel NecklineA high, rounded neckline that sits at the base of the neck.Necklines
Juliet CapA close fitting cap often decorated with precious stones or crystals, and worn as a wedding bride’s headpiece.Accessories
Juliet SleevesA fitted sleeve with a pouf at the shoulder.Sleeves
KKnee-lengthThe gown falls just below the knee, slightly shorter thenIntermission-length. Also calledKnee-length.Dress Lengths
MMantillaThis veil is traditionally circular shaped and made of tulle or chiffon edged in lace or it’s entirely made of lace. They range from short simple designs to elaborate cathedral length creations.Veils
MermaidA dress that is fitted through the hips and thighs and then flairs below the knee. Also know as a Trumpet.Silhouettes
MikadoA blended silk that is usually heavier than regular silk. Can also be made of polyester.Fabrics
MiniskirtThe dress stops above the knee.Dress Lengths
MoireA heavy silk taffeta, that has a subtle, wavy pattern.Fabrics
MuslinA light cotton fabric that is finely woven and typically white. It is often used to make a test garment before sewing the final piece.Fabrics
NNatural WaistThe smallest part of a person’s midsection—the indentation between the hips and the ribcage.Dress Terms
OOff the ShoulderA neckline that sits below the shoulders or drapes over the upper arm.Necklines
OrgandyA stiff, transparent silk or rayon fabric.Fabrics
OrganzaA sheer, stiff fabric of silk or synthetic material. It is similar to tulle [link to Tulle], but less coarse and more flowing.Fabrics
PPickup SkirtA design element where fabric is picked up at various points and attached to the skirt to create a voluminous look.Dress Terms
PolyesterAn inexpensive synthetic fiber that can be woven into almost any fabric.Fabrics
PortraitA neckline that comes just above the shoulder and comes to a point above the bustline in the center of the dress.Necklines
QQueen Anne NecklineA high rising collar at the back of the neck that cups the sides of the neck and sometimes plunges in the front.Necklines
RRayonA smooth manufactured fabric that is similar to silk, but more elastic and affordable.Fabrics
Royal TrainA train that is more than four feet in length.Train Lengths
RuchedTight decorative gathers in fabric.Dress Terms
SSabrina NecklineA wide, shallow, straight neckline that begins 2 inches inside the shoulder and sits close to the base of the neck.Necklines
SatinA smooth fabric made of silk or rayon, woven with a glossy face and a dull back.Fabrics
Scoop NecklineA wide U-shaped neckline.Necklines
SequinsSmall, shiny discs sewn on fabric to add sparkle.Trimmings
ShantungSilk that has a rough, nubby appearance. Once only associated with silk fabrics, shantung can be a finish for synthetic fabrics as well.Fabrics
SheathA body-fitting gown with no defined waistline.Silhouettes
SilkAn expensive, lustrous, and fine but strong natural thread.Fabrics
Square NecklineThe neckline is cut straight across angled corners where the straps or sleeves meet.Necklines
Stark WhiteThe brightest, crispest white.Colors
StraplessA dress without straps or sleeves.Dress Terms
Street-lengthThe gown falls just below the knee, slightly shorter then Intermission-length. Also called Knee-length.Dress Lengths
Sweep TrainThe shortest train, which barely sweeps the floor.Train Lengths
SweetheartThe neckline dips in the front, like the top of a heart.Necklines
TTaffetaA medium weight fabric with varying sheen.Fabrics
Tea-lengthThe dress ends at mid-calf.Dress Lengths
TiaraA jeweled or beaded semi-circle headpiece that can be worn alone or with a veil.Accessories
TrainA length of fabric which extends from the back of the gown. Train lengths include: Sweep, Chapel, Cathedral, Court, Royal or Watteau. Trains may be detachable.Dress Terms
TrumpetA dress that is fitted through the hips and thighs and then flairs below the knee. Also know as a Mermaid.Silhouettes
Trunk ShowA special event at a bridal salon where a designer shows his or her entire collection.Dress Terms
TulleA sheer to semi-sheer net fabric often used for skirts and veils.Fabrics
VV-NeckA neckline that dips down in the front and often in the back as well.Necklines
VelvetA heavy woven tufted fabric with a short dense pile, giving it a distinct feel.Fabrics
WWatteau TrainA train that falls from the shoulders to the hemline of the gown.Train Lengths
WreathA full circle, usually of flowers, other worn on the crown of the head.Accessories

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