Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Five trends of 2012 fashion-You will not miss them

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1. Shirt

2012 spring and summer shirt is very interesting, not a lot of flouncing lace shirt, nor is it large boyfriend shirt, but looks like the boys shirts, but the details show femininity! The collar design is a key point, the shoulder line of the shirt is also a good choice, but the most important thing is style is simple, so simple like the boys shirt, and then the change in the above is the mainstream of 2012 shirt!

2 Bright printing dresses

Mid-spring and summer there will be one of the design which is printed; printing of 2012 is somewhat different to previous years, usually spring and summer hours of designers like the soft colors of printing, but in 2012 a very bright colors of the printing, and Designers are no longer just a piece of clothing of a printing 2012 printing in addition to bright, remember that the upper body and lower body of a different color printing, there are different colors splicing is the "boom"!

3 Multi-layered transparent tulle

Do not know the designer is in advance not speak well, and 2012 of transparent tulle very much!Transparent tulle is not new, every few years will be popular once, 2012 transparent tulle in addition to the big show tonight transparent Beyond that, more than some depth; 2012 of transparent tulle is a multi-level cover on clothes outside of a blouse, layered tulle, chiffon printing, plus decorative chiffon, in a nutshell is not wear a tulle and ran out, I remember 2012 tulle tulle just

4 Tutu skirt

Retro, spring and summer of 2012, we often see in the movies, the kind of tutu! Tutu, not Angelica that Qunbaiyaoyao the skirt, tutu must own Punta there, so like chiffon that have the wind will Peng, no wind, sticking to the legs were fat not belong to the tutu; tutu can other than their own Punta there is a focus of the tutu is to emphasize the waist-hip ratio, or tutu stressed plump hip, it will appear waist fine, and finally becomes the waist abundant buttocks! Tutu do not have to wear very thin in order to, because it will Peng will not be attached to the leg fat, and a little meat in order to support the tutu abundant buttocks effect, Aunt Wang would like tutu can continue to be popular for thousands of years!

(5) High waist and knee-length skirt

High Waist and knee-length skirt is also because the retro so a lot of design! Waist knee-length skirt to choose only one focus, the more personal the better, because this skirt is a slender curve, the more personal the more thin the more slender, the selection is really knee is the skirt will be met the knee, will significantly slender! Personal but also waist, this skirt to wear to appear tall and thin, but if you do not want to wrap the meat, then a little meat will not wear! Yes, the waist Skirt is very cordial, and only suitable for thin people!

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