Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flowers for Your Summer Wedding

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Choose for your summer wedding flowers, is a daunting task. Why you ask? Well,because this is a year's time, when these colorful flowers in season and readily available!It will be difficult to choose just one of these beauties! Here is my favorite summer wedding flower number to help you decide!

Sunflower ~ ~ warm and friendly flowers is known peace and a symbol of happiness.What better mood for your wedding dayThese flowers are cheap, easy to maintain. For their late summer or fall wedding is particularly appropriateSunflowers are in season from July to September, yellow, red and white colored varieties to.

Calla lilies is popular wedding flower with its unique playing trumpet shapeBeautiful flowers and purity, brilliant and beautiful meaningAlthough the white version of this flower is the most recognizedthis delicate plants, which are pink, yellow, orange, green and purple hueBouquettake a look at these gorgeous bloom as boutonnieniersand makea stunning table center focus.

Gerbera Daisies~~you will not find than the more cheerful gerbera daisy wedding flowers.Naughty flower is a popular color for the bride. Gerber a daisy in a vibrant color of therainbow. Choose a bright pink, whiteruby red and sunny yellow, to name a few. With such a variety of colors to choose fromthese plants are suitable for almost any season,but the colorsto ensure that the appreciation during the summer!

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