Sunday, March 18, 2012

How do you pass the test of be forever ?

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With the growing number of decisions deferred to a later divorce rate is climbing every year married couples, people can not help but suspect - how I can be sure this will never do? As a test, I can trust the results?

The answer is stone cold - no, not decided to test to take, and no fancy computer program, the use or the information line to call. You are looking for the answer lies in your own heart. Please note that to apply for long-term your heart rather than his or her heart. Never depend on his or her decision, but most of their own.

Do you know your inner most feelings of the best, so take some time to access these feelings of your partner develop. Find a quiet place where you can dream, laugh and cry, as long as you want. Carry a photo of your partner, and find themselves just a few steps, where you are is your story forever.

First have a good look at his lips. What is the first impression to your mind? Perhaps your first kiss still lingered in your memory, or he comes to his voice whisper in your ear at night. His mouth can also bring feelings of distrust - and he kissed a girl, he likes it, and even the feeling of resentment - he drank too much. Explore all the feelings come to mind, careful study of his mouth.

Found his lips, the lines of his cheeks and his chin in the form of the curve. Do you think swooning, longing kiss - you may be a step in your forever on the road. If not, please pay attention to your questions, and decide whether to go to your partner or do not talk about them.

Now move your interest in his nose. Often as the main feature, the nose is located in the center of the face. You can not draw the shape of his nose? Women and men are often attracted to the strong nose, because in their subconscious, they feel safe fact, the nose is not fun decision-makers deep target. The nose joke killed many deadly accuracy relationship.

His nose, he let him sleep or laugh sound remind you? Perhaps his habit, snoring or sniffing drive your wall. Re-regulation extends to your emotions are triggered when you focus on a single body part. You click your heels still? And then move up, and found his eyes.

Often called the window of our soul, the eyes of life, themselves and their children, they show and tell. I still have to meet people, you can completely control their own eyes - even actors have this problem, need time to prepare, the strange appearance of the directors chase. What the eyes of your partner to do to you?

We all love to say that we completely lose his or her eyes, and hope that in light of the swimming pool, he or she is a haven for the deepest, but we can do? Are your knees go weak, because he looks in your eyes deep? Perhaps you are drawn moth like the flame, he dropped his eyelids, so that your puppy love the appearance.

Take a moment to look directly at his picture - your soul is what will happen?

It is the love you feel sexual tension? Those of your future child's eyes look back at you? Let your emotions flow through your entire body, but prepared some surprises. Deviation from the eyes to look at other women, what do you feel? He looked back to see your love and respect, or in the cold dullness of his eyes, when you have an argument?

My dad always has this amazing light in his eyes whenever my mother entered a room. He did not control this, because he always looked at her warmth in his eyes. He said, she is the most beautiful and lovely woman, he knew, his eyes always reminded her. You from the eyes of your partner's feelings?

Some eye war is worst than those of the real weapons of battle. His eyes penetrate your soul, almost to see your deepest darkest secrets - this is what you do? You are the means of attack, defense, or you break eye contact, and return some of the weak and lame fashion show from time to time. His eyes scare you, remind you in the battle in the House of Flying Daggers?

Obviously, you only need to spend time in your partner a really good mood to take a look at the face of measuring preparation, you must never go down with his or her way. The failure of this simple procedure can also put the photo down, and make life-changing decision right, then. This method only brought the feeling of your heart, you come in contact.

This process should leave you feeling the love, care, and very ready to his half, ran down the road and jump of the weapons of all the trust, dedication and a carefree romantic, you find.

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