Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pretty hairstyle from the Oscars

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There is no doubt that Kim Kardashian has some great hairstyle. Her Brigitte Bardot inspired half from the style of the 84th Academy Awards ceremony is a lovely way to change your look, for schools, it is super easy to copy! Kim's hair stylist, Scott Cunha, sharing how he created "so you can try at home.

The key here is volume, so Scott professional transmutation of long-life machine in T3 and T3 Anti-Gravity barrel brush, give her a flexible blowout. He suggested that the root of a few seconds, like a roller brush to leave your hair and then twist it away from the face. If your hair dryer set on a cold air is cool and quickly set up by the explosion of hair!

Once your hair is completely dry part of the hair of the Mohawk area, and it is divided into three parts. Next, set your hair, about ten minutes of the heat roller. Then, simply use the hairpin, to ensure that you send back the upper half of face to stay loose in front of a few frames.

You will try to show this hairstyle at school, or even on a prom? Do you want to see other recent celebrity hair? Post in the comments!

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