Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Prom Fashion Trends for 2012

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The prom dress season is almost here, we found a lot of interesting trends we love. In addition to the classic princess prom dresses, some of the more interesting trends this year, we think it is worth to think about it.
1) Print.The prints are a fun way to show off their personality. Whether you are a bold animal print or something more delicate like a flower pattern or radiation tone, you will stand in these styles.

2) High-Low Hemlines.Can not decide whether to wear a short dress or long dress? Low to high dress to the best of both worlds, at the back of the floor, they also show off your legs in front sweep. Many celebrities, such as Selena Gomez have seen the movement of this new and unique style.

3) short.Gone are the days when you have to wear evening dress to the ball. If you love your legs, why do not you tell them? The skirt to the frivolous, fun atmosphere. If you want to become more formal, tea length dress is great.

4) Ombre.The French word for shadow, Ombre is graduated in a clothing color. These style of dress is more subtle than the prints, but still is a unique tone of the entire fabric to reduce and darken.

5) sequins.The prom is your night light; coverage, from top to bottom with sequins dress you can wear it? These sparkling dress sure to make you in the endless the tulle sea the center of attention. Taylor Swift always looks amazing, she's shining light signature style.

There are so many styles to choose,what do you think? You can see the latest trends, or do you like a more classic appearance?

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  1. Nice Post. Thanks for sharing this beautiful collection of designer outfits. Prom is one of the best fashionable party wear outfits. Women's love to wear different designer proms.


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