Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tips for choose an evening dress for different occasions?

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Evening dress for different occasions. A concert,your best friend's wedding, semi-formal cocktail party, formal dinner ... In your closet, you may have different dresses, but do you know how to select for different occasions? The following tips can help you.

Concert or opera

Instead of cotton shirtssilk evening dress 2012 is your best in a concert or opera choice.This is not only because of the artistic atmosphere is very goodbut also silk fabrics silk fabric of music reflected in a reasonable waywhich makes the music sound morepleasant.

Business reception

Whether it is black tie or casual cocktail partyyour best evening dress invitation notice, unless you are in casual dress to show you respectOf course, if it is only a Talk of the partythis is not necessary to walk on the red carpet like Hollywood stars wearA knee-length skirt reflect your frank and youthful confidence.

friend's wedding

Bachelors, attending a friend's wedding is a good opportunity to meet new friends, and even romanticThe office dress code is a little harshthis improperIn evening dress,may become the head of your friend's wedding day, so that the most beautiful passenger.

Western Restaurant

Wine and atmosphere is more impressive than the food itself some upscale hotels in the nearby West restaurantIn a friendly atmosphere, elegant evening dress will become the most popular appetizers.

A formal dinner

Evening dress in a polite way to show your respect and appreciation to the hostOnce you put on an elegant formal evening dresswould you mind your tablewhile eating again and again.

How to choose the correct color

If you have a white color, select the soft evening dress. To avoid the heavy red or black colorwith you complexion.If imbalanceyou have dark skin coloraccent your skin tonechoose a brightly colored gownAvoid likely to be flooded your color pink dress, and so on ....

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