Monday, March 26, 2012

Tips for cutting Your Wedding cost

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1.Call in some favors

If you have a friend (or friends of friends), who can save you money on photography (or food or band) - "Use of these services constitute a substantial block of the final wedding bill, therefore, in order to reduce them, if you can find a way added to its portfolio a number of emerging photographers in the wedding, can often give you a great opportunity will jump if you do not have a friend who is the red sea bream, try the local university, but to ensure that You see the first example of their work.

 2.Be wise With the wedding dress

Many brides to pay between £ 1,000 and £ 1,500, they will be a clothes, and then commissioned a box in the attic. Although many brides will put off the idea of ​​clothes deductions, does not reduce the quality to reduce costs. Many retailers now provide sample dress that had been used to show or a big discount for the model's dress. In addition, more and more hit the high street shops, or have been worn clothing shop online try one, you can see your dress Bill, down to 200 pounds.

3.Get married on the weekdays

The traditional Saturday to get married, you may pay higher premiums, especially venues. A plan on Friday, you can see their savings of £ 1,000 (and still let your guests lie in last Saturday). Monday to Thursday to go, you can see your bill in half.

4. Creative with your wedding list

Establishment of sometimes feeling like a list of superficial bills, and often participate in your wedding, you forget the cost factor in the honeymoon. Most couples already have all the toasters and towels, they may need, why not ask the honeymoon as a gift? Most travel agents accept holiday vouchers, these days, let your guests be more or less, because they are willing to contribute.

5.Go abroad

Disappearance of a small number of friends and family abroad to get married is becoming an increasingly popular practice (about 25% of couples choose this option). Now, many operators, including air tickets, accommodation and honeymoon, the wedding that this cost can be held in the UK, the competition is very beneficial to the inclusiveness of the transaction. The opportunity is that the weather would be better off.

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