Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Must Do When Doing Wedding Plane

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I know I have to design the wedding like the Twilight moment, I read this book. Scene said a lot about some current wedding trends will continue into the 2012 surge. We see a simple style, reflect our concern as a society - good for the planet, the appearance of the pro-nature - and the wedding will be more natural to simply. You can get simple beauty in all aspects of your wedding celebration, from the venues and the small details of dress, including your local card, for example. Wedding, fashion, style and trends you need to consider, so remember that some of the key things to remember.

Look at your venue

The site can form a dynamic wedding. As accessories and clothing, everything has to go venue. Take a look at your space. This is the history? Ornate details, such as golden lines and Burgundy heavy curtains? In this case, I do not recommend something like a modern blue light boxes, no matter how good, they look at the pictures you cut out from the magazine. With the wedding, you must maintain your spatial concepts.

For example, if you are using the workspace, a short-term ceiling, you have to be consistent with the building architecture. Hanging tea lights or flowers or fabric hanging from the ceiling, but to use the creative display of the venue of your table accent. Try some of the moss ball and tulip twisted wood table or, perhaps, calla lily, in a very short vase. Whether you are using and where there is always a simple dress up or down options, depending on your decoration. An elegant extra splash, use color to make your space shine.

Your colors - from your clothes to your decor

The earthy palette to give you a plethora of colors to choose from. You can remain neutral and down the earth green, mossier, natural colors, or select some of the more bold. The bold colors of this season's hottest orange, orange, peacock, and green. And you might not always easy to find these colors for your decorative items, they work excellent accent. Use your accent, to make these colors pop! Like Drew Barrymore, who is recently engaged, according to reports, intend to have a large, traditional wedding, she can serve as an interesting, creative ways to improve the accent used in the decoration of the wedding. Simply add gemstones, as well as her flowers, using a variety of colored gemstones or color or decorative glasses, will highlight the table will increase, or a little more difficult to find in natural colors.

But pay attention to what works and what does not. Not all color combinations dress event work. My rainbow - all of the bridesmaids a similar style of dress wear decorated in different colors - the rainbow part may not work the event.

"Do it themselves, but it should not be like the" style

Although some people may think, it-yourself (DIY) wedding, I think that this trend is still swelling. The simple elements are to go to in the upcoming season, because they are easily found instant decoration huge.

Around parks and backyards, so anyone can find a gorgeous touch, can be easily into elegant wedding accessories, wood, twigs or other rural elements. You may be in the ribbon tied to the branch or branches, the center of the bow, to create an original DIY a few diamond embellishment. Consider beautiful glass cylinder, located in the smooth stones, branches, orchids, mixed in a few Dendrobium candidum wonderful work, to a very sparse, natural appearance. Add a splash of color, it makes your luxury table and inviting.

Like a stone, rustic elements can be used to create elegant pieces of your wedding decoration. Sprayed in gloss and they have a cute accent! Alternatively, a more practical approach, so that their place cards! Simple glue, each a little bit of small silk flowers hanging name tag. Located on the moss bed, you have what is truly remarkable, and very cheap.

To see first-class star to lead the way

With many new engaging in a leading lady, to tie in with the 2012 year-end, Hollywood's best may produce some hot wedding trends, innovation and elegance rotation. Stars like Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore and a variety of simple palette options, you can easily put this simple decorating their spin.

In 2012, we will see the wedding will choose the more outdoor space (of course weather permitting) or spaces have outdoor panoramic oversized windows, more than ever, more natural. Like loft space will be likely to rise to the celebrity couple to celebrate the happiness of their marriage, replacing the traditional style of the hotel - very bourgeois feeling, no longer go in the wedding market. The brides are looking for space, is more open and entertainment free spirit. Thinking can be easily and innovation. Just think, out of the box, it's fun.

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