Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Accessories- Put the finishing touches on your look with creative and personal extras

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Whether you wear a tuxedo, suit, kilt Or kimono, accessories add extra the things that make your wedding day look completed. Relations and the pocket square watches, cuff links boutonnieres, they are about who you are, and how you close to your wedding celebration.Use your imagination and have fun to find support for the fashion project your fashion intention.

Classic accessories:

With your tuxedo and bring your suit to wear suspenders. A formal bow tie or tie.There are slight pattern or texture a little bit of extra benefits.The perfectly polished patent leather dress shoes to complete any formal look perfect. Do not wear the shoes worn on formal occasions.Tuxedo shirt, collar wing collar down or collapse, a variety of front-panel design.Look around and find one that best fits your rights. Cuff links and shirt nailed a man's formal dress required, but they do not really boring. Find creative cuff links, antique cuff links shirt studs in your favorite shape scour eBay Set, or some custom engraving, you can keep as a family heirloom.

Leisure and attachments:

Time to reach the church, there is an interesting watch or pocket watch character.T-shirt with your suit, instead of a corsage to wear colorful or patterned pocket square.Add color choice with your relationship. With the color palette of your wedding and you have select your best man.Your hair and facial hair, excessive accessories, consider how you want to see your wedding day.And arrange for the appropriate haircut, the barber shop shave.

Optional accessories:

Wear brightly colored or patterned socks under your suit, flashing bits of personality throughout the day.boutonnieres from more than just flowers. Interestingly, ferns, feathers, fabrics,Can be used for jewelry, and even tiny toys, a pair of one-class accessories.Who is the guy in the heart of the fun and exercise, the classic Converse suit.In the same color pattern layer palette, and create a texture and interesting appearance.

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