Saturday, April 21, 2012

Elegant bride hairstyle

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Fantastic wedding, bride hairstyle on a spectacle, we can say good luck for the upcoming happy to discuss a good bridal hair. Prepared eight bridal hair, yet gentle but also incorporation of which the bride happy and happy expectations, looking forward to the marriage of good fortune to come.

Retro bride hairstyle

Retro bride  hairstyle, can make the perfect bride's neck to expose, to pay attention to choose the style of hair ornaments and accessories to be unified in order to highlight the elegant retro feel.

Smooth and delicate the overall shape of the bride whole body exudes gorgeous grace nobility, carefully modified design to handle with extreme detail to give the bride to add a clear spirit gentle Shuyuan temperament.

Charming soft curls

No kind of hair can be charming and gentle curls better show the bride sexy temperament and style of thousands of delicate and exquisite curls falling little flowers on the wedding day, will present a unique sweet and romantic temperament.

Different forms of curls, creating a different style image of the bride, lovely, sexy, romantic, wild ... in any case change, only the taste of a woman with a full rich charm of force.

Half length hairstyle

Phi half head hair pass is beautiful gentle temperament, inadvertently distributing charm can make people not forget, oblique fringe showing the natural soft and elegant bride Shuyuan temperament. A noble bride hair must be in the details of a sense of great care, choice of bridal hair accessories and dresses should be harmonization and coordination.

Long hairstyle 

The sweet young bride with long hair change BOB head, Hepburn feel to create a bride modeling. Simple shapes BOB head contour plate made, revealing a perfect sense of the details of covering the surface of the hair flow, and fully reflects the romantic and gentle nature.

Hairstyle with a veil

Plate with a veil of hair is the best representative of the bridal hair, can rapidly enhance the bride gentle and subtle elegance, graceful without losing a sense of gorgeous, classical and romantic temperament of the Oriental women to be replicable.

The sculptural fluffy and full back of the head is a plate made of the characteristics of this bride, fresh and elegant flowers and perfectly clear veil is the best decoration.

Trendy the Queen

Long hair from half of the plate, half hanging Half up-half down, the Anglo-American bridal hair, this hair style is very simple, but also on the forehead near match the unique shape of the hair accessories, such as the glistening jewelry collection. to highlight the mind to enhance the degree of the entire hair fashion.With the wedding dress or cheongsam, pure and elegant pearl headdress will make the bride look more attractive. In general, pearl hair accessories with silk, chiffon wedding dress is more appropriate.


Soft hair has always been seen as a symbol of femininity and beauty, the gentle feeling of the fresh and gentle wavy hair stressed women. The soft wavy hair is the focus of the hair, with exquisite hair ornaments, simple and monotonous. Can be made into a bun, simple overall combed comb method with little fluffy elastic side bangs do not get too close to the scalp, and make more three-dimensional shape.


Bride modeling of the Beatles yarn must be combined with the disk from the hair styling there are many ways you can choose: hair can be high beam from the veil do not spread in the hair of the following; veil cover covered the entire top of head; hair or veil can be placed in the moderate position. White veil, the bride is full of mystery and holy sense, coupled with simple but full of the beauty of the hair is eternal and evergreen hairstyles can also show the noble temperament, side Fang Daya. Traditional, neat, high-fat dish, or fluffy retro plate made with the traditional crown accessories, or in the rear of the bottom with a small flower decoration. Any simple and casual style, with natural, fresh decoration, will be preferred.

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