Friday, April 20, 2012

Guide to wedding cars

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Let us face it, when it comes to wedding planning, there are only so many things, actually allows you to accelerate up and running. The opportunity is what you can to the color of flowers, bridesmaid dress, wedding cake on the multi-level care about less. However, my guess is that you may have a small thing, said a big day for transportation. Car, after all, is a boy's best friend.

Transport of the arrangements for the wedding day the groom's responsibility, in this whole wedding planning spectrum. Transport, including the reception from the church, and whether you go from the reception. A lot of thought should go into this decision (if you're good, maybe ask the bride as well as some input).

Traditional choices and trends, including rent a luxury car, classic cars, trolleys, or stretch SUVs. You can expect to pay per hour speed, gas, tips to retain one of these beauties. We recommend that the book is about four months before the wedding. If you want to get married in Spring / Summer, your choices can shrink down quickly to many weddings have taken place in this time frame.

If you are on a tight budget, you have several options: • If you are lucky enough, a friend or family member has a sports or classic cars by riding all means accept. You can at any time request the honor of best man or maid of voluntary car after the wedding the couple. If they are true friends, they will do this.

These choices do not appeal to you? Get creative and groom! A carriage is a unique concept, your bride will love. Other options, including helicopters, airplanes, space shuttles, etc. ..., but seriously - creativity and personal signs to stay on your wedding day - it will only occur once (50%).


  1. Marriage is one of the most special and remarkable day in anybody's life span and most of us always want to keep that important day in our memories throughout our life. In other words, all of us want to make that day so special and perfect, whether it is related to dress, food or luxury wedding cars.

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