Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to match groom suits and bridal wedding dresses

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Groom suits and bridal gown as carefully selected, then the groom suits, how to choose? Dress should be selected by the groom with the bride's wedding dress, demonstrated in the appearance and overall sense of balance with each other match.

On the whole, the trend of the trend of the times you can see the groom suits and the other copy with the design trend of elegant, slender, simple, and to tie in with the age, body type, occasion and budget. Whether bridal or groom wedding dress to take the simple wind male popular dress includes: long dress, Italian-style dress and military-style dress.

Groom suits to choose the right only for their own dress, in order to enhance the fill is weak, the advantages of the body to do now to cover up the shortcomings. Therefore, a suitable groom wedding dress is really important.

Groom suits selection:

Tall Large-Sized

The groom of this type suitable to wear any type of dress, especially the double-breasted and tuxedo are the most outstanding.

Short stature and

Most suitable for simple models of the groom wedding dress, single-breasted or pointed collar up dress is very fit, try to avoid the tuxedo, double-breasted or lapel of the dress, because the proportion of these dresses will make legs look shorter, in order to avoid self dry it short, should avoid wearing.

Body lean type

If the body is more is tall lean men, it is recommended that the wearing cut some round body, use to make your physique look a little amount of dress to cover slim physique.

Body obesity, type

Body fat than the groom may wish to use the average of all body types can recruit oral, but please avoid the circle crescent collar; suit collar, angular sword to understand the face is more suitable for the rich. The groom married the dress color choose dark colors as far as possible, to avoid light-colored tuxedo and open the double-breasted dress.


Shaped like a crescent collar two Yuehmei, because it's a smoother sense of young people prefer the coat collar-shaped; sword collar with some domineering and conservative suit collar is Older loved select the style.

Beer belly type

This type of groom is suitable for the style is simple, dark single-breasted dress, this style in the visual to figure slightly elongated. Remember not to wear double-breasted tuxedo, because the focus of the eyes of this groom wedding dress is very easy on the stomach position.

In addition, part of the groom suits accessories such as a shirt or tie with should dress the same color as the priority, or contrasting colors match, so would appear to be relatively young. Part of the shirt, the groom should prepare themselves with shirts, shoes and belts and other clothing to prepare for contingencies. Shoes and socks the color is also free when the emergence of uncoordinated with white shoes with dark socks. Do not buy ready-made groom wedding dress to please outside the master hand-made dress, remember to usually wear dress type-based, so as not to have the wedding day, wear a wear placed in the closet happens, to avoid wastage.

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  1. Can you please tell me who designed the second suit down the black tie and brown shoes? That would be my choice for my wedding this year please thankyou


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