Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lip tattoos

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Make your lips to speak on behalf of you do not use your verbal skills. Now, you might just blank how you can do this. Try lip tattoos. We are talking about is not a permanent thing. These are temporary and can be applied to delete it when you need and for the convenience. Temporary lip tattoo may be a superior way to stay in fashion. Check out the latest temporary lip tattoo, hot pick.

1. Leopard body lips

This lip tattoo may be temporary in nature, but tried to explain it to convey the inner meaning. Look at it two ways. First of all, it's hot hot pick out there want to show off their animal. Second, it makes a strong declaration of love for animals. Therefore, the choice belongs to the clan, this leopard tattoo to depict your inner self.

2. Red upper

If you are in the party mood, why should your lips to wear the type of conversion palettes you? Brought us to your upper lip tattoos, will be set in perfect harmony with the party's flashy and gorgeous. This vitamin-rich decals continued for four to eight hours, so that you never fade the end of the evening. Tattoo vitamin content in this process will take care of your lips.

3. Dot lips

If the dots of the 1970s always tease you, you will find the perfect replica of the joy ball of fun, frolic, and then we have a dot in the form of the lip tattoo a good choice for you. Wear and immediate emotional uplift. These dots have been carefully designed, feminine hue dark neutral color. Therefore, you will never look whorish, but at the same time will use the tattoo sure you coaxed.

4. Rainbow tattoo

The color is always the first choice of women. Most women like to play with color. Therefore, to maintain fair sex remember this tattoo has been created by the inherent passion. It has changed to even have the luxury of vibrant hue palette of pale lips. This vibrant lip color is a favorite of avid party animal, claiming that deviate from the whole night. Therefore, it is undoubtedly there to see, if you want to set fire to the stage!

5 American flag

If you feel patriotic, so your lips can stand you on behalf of the world depicted. Temporary lip tattoo is for those who are pious heart, in their country proud. So, at any time, you will witness your lips into a flag! This tattoo is also committed to helping it retain moisture, until eight hours you wear it the whole time in this process to take care of your lips. So, next time you need to cheer for the United States, which is to give you a temporary lip tattoo.

6. Nets lip Tattoo

Temporary lip tattoo is definitely the best weapons of their own performance. It says, You're crazy, without the need for words! The above side by side with the fishnet pattern of blood maroon bright red primer to make your lips a glamorous transformation. You can pressure it will keep for up to eight hours of vibrant, reflecting the world of your heart. Will take the same luster as the process of care, it's part of their charm.

7. National flag

Again, this is the time to cheer for your country. Wear the flag on your lips, and speak of your country, your heart does not have any words of tone! This vibrant Union Jack as your second layer of skin, and your loyalty to your country the degree of merger. This lip tattoo Union Jack on your lips, tender, together with your patriotism is the best weapon. It has a rich and you wear it's time, vitamin coat your lips. The natural sun protection factors also discourage the chance of sunburn when you wear it for your country and the strong sun in an open stadium cheering.

8. Love the lips

Do you want to put forward the most innovative ways to love your life? Get hold of to say, how much you love your beloved four simple words 'love' tattoo. The basic color is to keep the Valentine's Day red, so it set the theme of love act in harmony, and maintain long-term. It also gives your lips and a flirtatious elevator, be sure to create a profound impact on your man.

9. Red zebra stripes

This lip tattoo is the perfect companion animal lovers, they are more and more interference with the ecological balance increasingly endangered zebra process and manner of trauma. Therefore, this zebra lip tattoo is undoubtedly a silent protest to combat the growing problem of environmental pollution. The color palette has been selected the user like it the best way. In fact, the shadow of a typical black and white zebra skin, this tattoo is with the collection of uniform tone and theme of the party's tone color combinations. So, this is undoubtedly the best lip to make a strong statement, while maintaining party's fashioniasta too!

10. B super day the girl

B-girl character lip tattoo is the birthday of the girl, who needs all the days later, to attend her birthday party. We bet your future birthday clothing will never be complete, unless you wear your D-Day B-lip tattoo. Circumstances, if the color combination you are a bit doubtful whether in conjunction with your clothes and your birthday party theme, let us tell you this incredible lip tattoo is selected in two color combinations are available: red and white text and magenta white wording. So, wear it, and the most customizable way to celebrate your birthday.

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