Sunday, April 8, 2012

Summer hair trends

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The warmer months, we can make a challenging time for your hair. Additional heat and moisture, you can do to your beautiful bride upside down if you do not implement the care and planning.

Here are some issues of common concern, you need to consider to ensure that your hair is picture perfect on your special day ...

Most people know the importance of sun protection on your skin, but HPF (hair protection factor)? UV damage to the scalp, because of their skin, you can leave your hair is completely dehydrated and lack luster. To protect your hair and scalp, a simple spray product or leave the air conditioning, light, and will protect your hair.

Combat frizz and fly ash gifts
Whether it is straight or curly hair, it may be in the summer because the humidity is difficult to style. Many brides will have to face every day frizz, fly jumper. Best not to fight your hair, but to love and care. Smooth air-conditioning will seal the cuticle, and is ready to shape, smoothing serum to tame the stubborn fly jumper. Without piling on the product, this will make your hair greasy and limp. Less is more the key to keep your style all day, and a little bit of hair spray will keep your hair.

Long and short hair
This is an all too common, the bride is the desire to change, more and more common, instead of resorting to the seal, do not consider the consequences of the occurrence. Depends on the length of your hair, the possibilities are endless, as long as you decide on your big day and schedule to arrange a series of hair test, to make you comfortable and confident in the wedding hair stylist, your hair stylist will create your dream wedding hair.

A hint to cut the appropriate shape and treatment can also be brilliant. If you is quick, no longer the hair of your big day, then please experienced hair stylist in the hair extensions. The last thing you want is not in line with the expansion of your hair color and type. If you are confused whether we should have hair up or down, long braids to work together, consult your hair stylist, and photos of your dress, veil and hair accessories, let your hair will compliment your style.

Sure in your country and the book to look at our wedding hair consultation before your wedding day.We advance peace of mind, but also a network of suppliers of wedding accessories, bride, your wedding day hair look more beautiful.

Hair Accessories
Depending on your hair length, hair accessories, you can add a touch to your overall look and feel and complexity. Some brides wear veils and long hair comb or headdress to complete the look.

If the veil is not your thing, and from the 1940s wave or long-level interlock, another fascinator Diamante encrusted headband or barrette will complete your look. Again, make sure your hair accessories, hair test, so make sure you are pleased with the overall hairstyle.

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