Friday, April 6, 2012

Summer Wedding Trends for 2012

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The wedding in the summer of 2012 is a personal accent and childhood nostalgia packaging. This year one of a kind wedding theme and accent, so you can only describe.Will find the top summer wedding trends, we did a survey to see what they have to decide our bride. See all the great ideas they come up.

1) tell a story - the number one pick of our bride's summer wedding theme is the theme of a story or relate to your childhood. You and your frequency hopping to meet in the library?Piles of books, and then incorporated into the central focus of the table, use the old place card checkout card, and your wedding favor bookmarks. You both love photography?Part of your interests in your reception photo booth. These unique supplement, to tell you and your fiance to help your wedding a personal feeling, and make it more meaningful story.

2) the life of the country - summer wedding this year the feeling of "home" country, outdoor venues and homemade accents, the basis of your reception. Think about the signs of domestic reception, card box, the central focus of wood accents like birch, and other village decoration. Leisurely choice of food and comfort food will be popular items like the MAC N-'cheese and fried chicken topped the list. Homemade pie instead of a large wedding cake is a popular choice, the real "love". Homemade pies to choose a smaller, traditional wedding cake, including family members, you will save money, there is an easy country accent, add it to your reception. Expect a simple decoration to top the list.
3) Personalization - Personalized back is accompanied by a loud noise, you can find everything from a combination of letters napkins custom wedding garters. In order to save costs, the bride is to add their own stamp on their wedding, DIY crafts. Homemade logo for banners and invitations are hot, hand-stamped napkins and homemade wedding favors also topping the list. Embroidered wedding suspenders, engraved grooves, and personalized ring pillow is also very popular way to personalize your wedding accessories. Mention these great souvenirs to go in your memory chest, your wedding, you have adopted soon after the your special day to cherish your wedding souvenirs.

4) Refresh the palette - pink, yellow and green fresh colors for the 2012 popular colors promote. Combination of yellow and lime green mixed with screams summer.Honeysuckle pink with pale yellow to bring that summer feeling, while still maintaining a feminine feel, your wedding day, through a unique shade of pink. A unique twist, a bold red with a light blue fireworks and summer cook timeout, while still feeling modern and interesting summer.

5) decoration, make a statement - in summer 2012 wedding is all about what is unique and your wedding decoration is no exception. The bride pulled out all the stops when it comes to their site to create a unique decoration. As a decorative fruit is the most popular and easiest way to add a twist to the traditional decorations. The focus of the center of the table, wedding cake, or even your wedding bouquets and boutonnieres to add lemon, lime and other summer fruits.

6) Add a retro nostalgia - in 2012 the bride is all about wine accent. Classic cars on display in your reception, old-fashioned cake The TOPPERS 1930 finger wave, old-fashioned sundae buffet is a popularization and improvement of a few additions. This is all on this topic, what is old. Including an old-fashioned talent, be sure to check the use of commodity-centric focus, lighting, retro, retro shoes loft like a porcelain vase savings shops and mother and grandmother's brooch

7) making your guests feel very important - the bride and groom are close attention to their guests, and they say special thanks to you. In the hot summer months, hand fans and personalized bottle of mineral water is a popular choice for use in the process of the ceremony to the guests. Luxury buffet of candy pop up around the reception to a smaller wedding still in the passenger table settings, to say thank you. See other unique wedding favor of the idea, take a look at our choice of summer wedding favors.

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