Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wedding flowers and bouquets

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Bride and bridesmaids

In this modern era, what the bride had to insist on no hard and fast rules when it comes to their wedding flowers. Bouquet of flowers in many colors and flowers, which helps to reflect a woman's style and personality.Remember of a bouquet of flowers, a wedding accessories, so do not pick a bouquet of flowers, it will distract your guests. You spend your wedding dress and you should be added.

The groom and attendants

Many wedding will match the corsage on the groom from the bride's bouquet. Your bridesmaids do not carry a bouquet like you. A modern distortion, why do not you bridemaids bouquets, but they are tied to a ribbon that matches.

Flower budget

  • Increased use of alternative real flowers are silk. These wedding flowers will last a lifetime, usually cheaper than the real thing, but still look great.

  • Your flowers can be used more than once a day! Please arrange for your reception centerpieces ceremony.

  • Choose the wedding flowers of the season as far as possible, because it will help save you money. Notes to remember is that the flowers are usually on special occasions such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, the higher the demand. Try to avoid these days, you will surprised to find how much you can save.

  • The centerpieces does not necessarily have to be spent. You can still use candles, potted flowering plants are also a classic, elegant appearance. This will allow you did not break the bank leafy.

  • Expensive bouquet of flowers, rather than taking the cheaper plants and leaves to fill in your bouquet. Try to use the Ivy or the infant's breathing. You will have a cheaper bouquet still looks very beautiful.

  • Your bridesmaids can, rather than a single flower to put a bouquet of flowers. Not only will this save you money, but can make a simple yet elegant statement.

  • If your wedding in a garden of flowers and greenery around you advantage.

  • Do not ignore the small and independent florist, because they tend to charge less than the big chain stores.

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