Sunday, May 13, 2012

Planning for the Groom in the wedding

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Consider a couples shower or find the way of the interests of the guy in the wedding shower? Although it may seem like a tough sell in some people, there are a lot of great shower idea, to cater to men and women. Here are a few guy-friendly shower concept:

Lawn / garden and barbecue shower. Perfect spring or summer shower, the shower itself backyard grill setting, where guests can play yards, such as horseshoes, washers, and lawn darts, and bring gifts, such as barbecue tools and accessories, lawn and garden tools, and other outdoor entertainment.

Honeymoon shower. The bride and groom after a certain point in the wedding planning process, you may start to feel like the honeymoon can not come fast enough. Organize a theme honeymoon shower decoration and food / beverage to reflect the honeymoon destination, guests can bring on the line, can be used for gifts. Hawaiian theme of the shower, for example, consider the pig, roast or barbecue fare and tropical drinks coconut shells. Guests can enjoy a new camera, VCR, luggage, or visit the couple.

Stock the bar shower. For couples who like to kick back cocktails and / or entertainment, where you can become a creative signature drinks and appetizers, guests can bring gifts such as wine and accessories, serveware, wine refrigerator, galvanized beverage tub Bar shower and alcohol (such as a bottle of good wine or whiskey).

Home improvement shower. What guy can not use more tools? Shower, guests can bring a gift - electric tools, hand tools, ladders, toolboxes, workstations and other perfect couple just bought a holder or plan on the deck to add or complete the basement. Out a list of more and more honey-do projects, these gifts also come in handy.

This is just a sampling of some guy-friendly shower concept. I hope this article will give you some ideas and planning their own unique couple shower. Whatever you decide to try, including some of the interests of the groom and the bride to create a successful partner shower.

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