Saturday, May 12, 2012

What do your tattoos tell us about you

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Most of us have at least one tattoo, or we know people. Whether they are our or someone else's tattoo can say a lot about people wearing them - and not just if the tattoo said "killer." "There may be hidden in there some subtle hints.

This is not rare, for example, see the Celtic tattoo. These are usually quite complex lines and curly hair style is reminiscent of the Celtics dominated the game in Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the European neighboring countries ornamental crosses and carvings. Usually Irish, but not always - the people of Celtic descent often in this form of tattoo, a symbol of their Celtic blood.

The concept of ancestors in the tattoo a big deal. Can represent a simple design, can be large or small, as long as you like it is your ancestors. One of the most popular design from another alphabet characters - especially popular in Japan, no Japanese background, they either like the aesthetics of a mysterious figure with China.

See the date pattern, they often do not explain why the accompanying, which is not uncommon. It will be important date - it may mark their children born, or the same may mark a loved one to death, or anything else. Do not ask, unless you know them really well, it is wise.

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