Sunday, July 8, 2012

Before the Wedding Photo

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Large disclose. The groom first saw his bride in the wedding day. This is probably one of the most magical place all day. Expectations, excitement and emotions flooded. Whether you are a traditional, superstitious, or just an unexpected fan, you hope that your husband will have to wait until you walk down the aisle to see your wedding day.

It is becoming more and more ordinary couple before the ceremony itself, most of their wedding. This can save time, do not let your guests waiting between the ceremony and reception. The bride and groom can even take a look at. This intimate moment, the bride and groom first see each other before the wedding was held by the photographer. Some heart feeling, emotion photos can be taken at this time. These former wedding photographs, may be some of the bride's perfect, still have a bunch of us may still prefer the big reveal to save time, the bride walking down the aisle, her groom. If you are willing to wait for this moment to ensure that you have two photographers shooting the bride walking in the hallway and one to capture the groom's reaction.

If you are waiting for the ceremony to end, your main wedding photos, there are still a few great shots, you can before the wedding, will not damage the big reveal! Once the bride and groom dressed, shortly before the wedding day ceremony, they take a few photos together, but did not see each other. This can easily be a door, the room or walls on both sides of the bride and groom stand. They can hold hands and pray together, or blowing virtual kisses, but no peeking!

Another beautiful photo opportunities, shooting to read a love letter to/from other special attention before the wedding, the bride and groom. The photos can be taken to separate the bride and groom together.

Whenever you choose your wedding, they are definitely magical and lasting memories of your special day.

So the bride, do you have to take any pre-wedding photographs? When you have your big reveal?

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