Wednesday, July 4, 2012

White Wedding Cakes

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Ruffle-Covered Cake

For a wedding in Wine Country, Amber McKenney at Sweet on Cake created a hand-rolled fondant-ruffle-covered cake with three flavored tiers: red velvet, chocolate truffle, and banana.
Ruffle-Covered Cake

Red Velvet Cake With Figs

Fresh figs popped against a sheet of snowy fondant on this red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and also complemented the natural vibe of this outdoor reception.

Bow-Tie Cake

Take one aspect of the tuxedo, like the bow tie, hit repeat, and you've got a wedding cake that's as elegant and well-dressed as the bride and groom.

Simple Lined Cake

This modern cake created by Magpies Cakes for a wedding in Tennessee looked even more stunning surrounded by rustic details.

Dress-Inspired Cake

For bride Elizabeth Gottfried's wedding, she asked her baker to model a cake after her Oscar de la Renta dress. The resulting fondant masterpiece received the same oohs and aahs as her satin frock.

Tahitian Vanilla Cake

For a traditional wedding in Hartford, passionfruit mousseline and fresh raspberries were hidden inside a classic white Tahitian vanilla cake. It was topped with a miniature sugar sculpture of lilies of the valley woven together in a horseshoe-shaped arrangement.

Rustic Carrot Cake

This delicious cream cheese-frosted carrot confection is crowned with a rustic bird cake topper and rests on an old stove-turned cake stand.

Dreamy Coconut Wedding Cake

This seven-tier coconut cake, frosted with buttercream, candied coconut, and two different types of coconut flakes, will take your guests' breath away. The cake's height and champagne-colored satin ribbon give it a grand appearance, while the coconut flurries give it a sense of fun.

Eyelet Wedding Cake

This eyelet sampler -- with its cutouts, flowers, and pristine whiteness -- evokes summer as prettily as a billowing cotton dress. Each fondant-covered tier presents a different eyelet.

Cream Cheese Buttercream Cake

This all-white cake with cream cheese buttercream and plum preserves is adorned with colorful fresh flowers.

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