Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Translating the summer wedding dress code

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The summer brought out a single cut dress to the Melbourne street Flurry. Completely cut off, sitting somewhere between the knee and thigh, if it is not black, the colors are muted. The dress design the perfect women's natural curves. So I wondered: how the fashion of this office is into the bride wear?

Fashion designer when it comes to this issue, she just smiled knowingly and confirmed my suspicions - the problem still remains to be answered. The chic urban girls know her style, and know her dress and dress up her day's challenges. The same girl walked into a bridal studio, and suspected that the first piece in the post.

They should try every dress, they can think about - another corner of the designers. Let your imagination take off, and play a little bit to forget your personal style, and try for a while dress, you never wanted to see the inches to bring other friends, and find the day of the wedding dress.

This has encouraged the tailor behind the table after a few years later, to see the hundreds of brides to walk to her store, simply take the determination to set their own style, and it creates a white wedding dress to match. Never work, said the designer, her hands thrown in the air. Your office is set up for your wedding, so why dress like you are still at work?

But the bride, they can not strengthen in a completely different style they usually wear any strong opinions. They love the terminology used is: I need to stay true to yourself - designer weapons to fly into the air again. They brought me a sketch is no other than they have a fuller skirt office wear, but at least we have a starting point. Now the designers to keep her hand, and fly a classic, new consultations, as she explained.

We tried her thoughts, and soon I saw the lip. Lip means she does not like what she saw, so I began to work her body, and add or subtract she thinks is an important element. We roll up our sleeves, fill in the skirt, off the shoulder line, look, the lips pull into a perfect smile. This is the designer's work, I like it, she said, her hands on her cutting table in a quiet place.

As long as we have the shape of the dress, the whole thing starts again, it is time to look for fabric. Many women think that white wedding dress is the only suitable cloth - I said, leave your bed covered satin. And the movement of your dress, and found materials, which will be increased. Soft flowy things, play a more rigid material, or add the elements of an unexpected color.

The designer is clear to the design mode, once again to pull her from her shelved amazing material roll. White in a white pattern, carefully woven soft white volume Silver Star. The champagne colored shiny things are combined with soft golden lace. The possibilities seem endless, and I suddenly felt the bride.

I can clearly understand the dilemma with such a huge decision. I can also see that she has to face the option, of course, you can create more questions than answers. I could see the tears clutching her familiar office dress like it is the only point of reference, she will never have a future bride. Bless the heart of the designers, she was very clear that her work for her cut.

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