Friday, November 2, 2012

Prom Dress Trends 2013

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Prom night is one of the most important nights of a young girl’s life.  The dress is of utmost importance, obviously, so it’s essential to get the prefect dress that is on trend with the season.  Prom dress trends for 2013 aren't too different from runway trends but the new trends add an air of elegance and mystery to each dress style. 

One of the most popular fabrics for prom dresses this season is chiffon.  This fabric is the perfect choice for a wispy, romantic looking dress that will float magically behind you all night long.  Chiffon is a fabric that will flatter your figure and fit you perfectly for the whole night.  Chiffon also flows naturally and beautifully in the A-line and sheath styles this season. 

Lace and embroidered elements are especially popular this season; perhaps it’s because embroidery looks beautiful on chiffon fabric.  No matter the reason, lace overlay and embroidery have a major part in the prom dresses of 2013.  These elements can bring an air of modernity to a dress but can also bring a delicate vintage feel to any dress style.  Lace on prom dresses this year makes appearances as overlay, cut out, scattered, or making the complete dress.  Lace on a dress, regardless of the amount or placement, makes a dramatic statement and instantly demands attention and stares.  Beads and sequins are also popular additions to any prom dresses for 2013.  Beading can be seen on dresses that vary in styles and lengths, from sweeping the floor to grazing your knees, glamorization and sparkle that will last all night.  

With the glam factor that beading can give dresses, it’s no surprise that another distinct theme of prom dresses in 2013 is retro-inspired dresses.  Dresses ranging from the dropped waist, fringed hemlines of the 1920s to the tight bodices and A-line skirts of the 1950s are all making appearances in prom dress silhouettes this year.  Even the ruffles of the 1980s are making a comeback! Though not as abundantly as dresses of the 80s, ruffles this year add a playful and very feminine air to prom dresses.  Along with ruffles of course, come plenums  Plenums are very flattering on every body type and are perfect for those girls who want a little something extra on their dress but not as much as lace cutouts and elaborate beading details.
With vintage dress silhouettes resurfacing, it’s only natural that a bold color for dresses would surface to make retro silhouettes modern.  The colors most popular for this season of prom dresses are bright orange and red.  These colors look great next to almost every skin tone and are unique enough that dresses in these colors have a unique look to them and therefore, are quite eye catching dresses! 

Going to the prom in the perfect dress with the perfect date is every high school girl’s dream.  Thanks to these great and versatile trends, finding the perfect dress will be easier than ever.  But finding the perfect date?  That’s up to you.

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