Monday, March 4, 2013

How to choose right wedding dress

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The wedding dress is undoubtedly the most important dress in a woman's life. Bride in the face of innumerable wedding dress, sometimes dazzling, hard to make a rational decision, there will always be "thousands of pick, pick a bad lamps" situation, or pick a very beautiful, but not for their own wedding dress. The prospective bride choose the wedding dress should be cautious in order to every detail of the wedding can become the most beautiful memories of her.

Taking Wedding photographs is one thing that I aspire to for a long time, to be able to wear a white wedding dress and be together with you lover, to freeze sweet moment for forever, just think I felt happy. Even if a little tired, it is "tired but happy" ah!
Brides choose wedding dress should be take the wedding dresses' colors, styles, and some other details into consideration. Wedding dress is not necessarily white. Requirements bride body even headgear is a white, began with Queen Victoria era, when white represents happiness, and then reinforces the significance of holiness and fidelity.

Color: Match with the bride's complexion
  Nowadays, wedding dress in addition to pure white, ivory, beige and other traditional colors, pink wedding dress has become more popular, such as pink, pink orange, light green, very soft and pleasing to the eye.If you try to dark green, purplish red, deep purple, decorated in pink wedding on the formation of rich colors, the effect will be more outstanding. The most popular dress is the ivory or white wedding dress, laden with pink silk flowers, butterflies.

  The most important prerequisite for wedding dress colors is to match the bride's complexion. Asian skin is yellow, wearing a white wedding dress will look dark however, wearing ivory would be more harmonious. As for the skin rosy, or bronze skin, wearing pure white wedding dress would be perfect.

Silhouette: Match with body type and personal temperament
Too long and puffy wedding dress isn't suitable for the wedding day, which make bride look like shoter than herself. On the wedding day, bride can select small tent dress slightly off the ground, or the ankle-length a-line cut straight wedding dress, and if you have a pair of sexy legs, you can try mini skirt or knee-length Skirt; To wear white pants sets highlights the fact that personal style if your character is free and easy.
Another thing need to pay attention to is style. Many styles on hangers looks beautiful, wear in the model body also pretty, but this beauty is not suitable for everyone, so try is necessary. Size does not fit can change, what if the style doesn't match the bride's body shape and temperament, it will be difficult to see. Young and petite bride need wear cute princess-style wedding dress; tall girl need wear clean lines and bright dress; obesity can not wear low-cut bust and straight body wedding dress.

Personal temperament is also very important. Petite type are not suitable for sexy dress; shrewd type can not be over a pile of decoration; bright and lively type do not play senora  Wearing out of tune with their own clothing, not only can not express a own merits and temperament, but also will feel unnatural.

Other details: Occasions and Environment
Do not wear too much low-cut bust wedding dress in the church, which is disrespectful to the clergy. Especially in certain rituals, over exposed bride kneeling before the statue will be ironic.
The wedding tail is to use a long tail or short tail, often constrained by external environment. If it's church rituals, trailing look better, but the flower girl need to be older or not enough power for the bride to picked up the tail, and even tripped; floats is another problem, because the longer tail, ordinary car simply doesn't fit it, even if reluctantly crowded, the long tail will be wrinkled when get off, less decency; in addition to the general street less clean, so the bride to wear three to five feet tail, was sufficient.

As for to buy a wedding dress or rent a wedding dress, it must depend on the wishes of the bride, if she want to save it as the eternal souvenir, it worth the investment, but if the home space is small, there is no need to buy, you can buy a beautiful headdress stay as a memento.


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