Sunday, February 5, 2012

what wedding dresses are the brides of 2012 wearing?

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Look at the bride bazaar around the world reveals the following trends: the old things and new things ...

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white. . Or not!
Revealed that, in the style of the 2012 season, the bride and the traditional white will never go out a quick look at the big-name designers, cream and ivory, of course, to offset the color, all colors - Black! Not a bold contrast with the fabric, but accessories such as hat or veil or bow or gloves, and embroidery designs.

Another favorite is green: a variety of embroidery designs and images from nature has taken a wonderful accompaniment cream, or gray or rose or champagne, which is this year's popular natural tones.

The flowing lines of a classic A-line or princess style dress has been popular, but this year the change is the ring by a layered look. The the shapeliness bride's figure, a popular new shape, which is a form fitting trumpet or fishtail dress. Cover with tulle or lace, chiffon or yarn soft, feminine look, rather than imitating the past few years, pastry doll. After this, the shiny ribbon to make a stylish finish. The decorative details are found in the crystal or the seed pearl embellishment many tights, vest or lace shawl.

The floor length dress, is still a favorite, in the form of a variety of cocktail length or more, which has become increasingly popular knee gown has been introduced. Skirt and neckline also changed the focus of this year from the past symmetry. Their shoulder, single shoulder, dug up the neck, immersed in the neckline or strapless - they are set to show the beautiful neck, shoulders, their biggest advantage.

An unusual back details the production of the wedding dress. Whether this is in the form of ruffles, or bows or an unusual embroidery design, it can be the focus of her clothes. After all, considerable attention at the ceremony on her back!

The trend for the bride to remember that the most important is that this is her day, she wore the choice of what to her. Slavish following of fashion gurus opinion or forecast will be disastrous, if she did not choose a style that suits her character, her figure, her day special requirements. Comfortable and satisfied with her dress and her choice will greatly help to ensure her wedding day, she will always remember and cherish for a long way to go.

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