Thursday, March 15, 2012

5 Style of This Weekend

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To play the game? We will call this style of Truth or Dare (SANS part of the truth). I'll give you five bold style and beauty of the task list, you choose a try this weekend. Or all five. The more you try, the more points you get. After all, this is a game!

How do you win you ask? So, why do not you try some courage to tell me, if you do not like then I thought the winner in the style department. Small risk of the soul, dear friends. Have fun!

1. Give yourself an odd manicure. Weekly eye candy? Mani on Monday, which is often candy-colored shades of eye treatment beauty department. Go to the store and pick up the goods to pull off these chic fashion show this weekend. My personal favorite? Valentine's Day nail appearance (you can still completely shaken after February 14), and this tutorial navigation nails. L- O-V-E.

2. Wear neon ... shoes. I love all things neon-like. And I have a neon shoes, I think, said something about your personality, the main affinity. When I broke the shoes (I have hot pink, blue, electric and ultra-bright orange), I like to wear head to toe neutral, and then kick the neon lights of a gap in my clothes. This is a bold style of "prank" the act said, "Please pay attention to me!" Or "Do not you know I have been to you?", You see some bright target, as part of their accessories secretly only $ 12.99. Try a pair. If you dare.

3. More than accessories - and purpose. Do you know how Coco Chanel said one thing before you leave home? Yes ah, you can break the rules. On the contrary, work, leisure, light-emitting diodes, or jeans and black T-shirt. Then, pile on the necklaces, bracelets, a layer of a cocktail ring or two. Contrast to the main parts with a minimum of an interesting LIL 'personality ensemble basis.

4. Rock gem of two-tone eye shadow. Plum and Sapphire. Aqua and Kelly green. Hot pink and gold. Pick your poison. Sweep the deeper the color, the lighter color of the roof on the lower lip and into the corner. Add mascara. Rock with style. It's just simple, but oh, so cool.

5. Wear a long dress. I know this sounds to like a gown, it sounds scary, but this is why it is called "style dare." Decreased by adding the right actor wearing a long dress.

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