Thursday, March 15, 2012

What must have when taking wedding photographs

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Good News, the bride is ... already emerged in the spring and the sun finally once again shining, we believe that it is time to take wedding photography ... the whole week! This is correct, for an entire week, and completely dedicated to wedding photography ... we will bring you everything you need to know in order to cover all the important "must have" for your wedding album shoot! Many photographers have to capture their own list, but because of its great decide what you want your wedding day captured a couple, so look at the list below and make sure that you tick what you would hope to see you wedding album!

1.Bride having hair and make up done
2.Bride’s Mirror Reflection Shot
3.Bride’s Bouquet Shot (close up)
4.Bridesmaid Bouquet Shot (close up)
5.Bridesmaid/Bride group shot (champagne, laughing, relaxed etc)
6.Bride’s Dress – Hanging or Draped
7.Wedding Shoes
8.Bridesmaids dresses and shoes
9.Dressing the bride
10.Close-Up Ring Shots
11.Full-Length Bride Shot (dressed)
12.Mother Of The Bride flowers
13.Maid of Honor and Mother Of Bride (dressed)
14.Groom Getting Ready (shaving etc)
15.Grooms Cufflinks Photo
16.Best Man and Father Of Groom (dressed)
17.Photo of Groomsmen flowers (close up)
18.Mother of the Groom attaching Boutonniere To Groom
19.Best Man and Groom looking relaxed
20.Groom Checking the Time
21.Groom and Groomsmen (relaxed happy shot)
22.Groom with flower kids/page boys etc
23.Groom with Father
24.Groom with Parents
25.Groom with Grandparents
26.Bride with Bridesmaids
27.Bride with Flower Girl/Ring Bearers etc
28.Bride with Mother
29.Bride with parents
30.Bride with Grandparents
31.Wedding Cake
32.Dessert Table
33.Wedding Bomboniere/ Wedding Favors 
34.Wedding Booklet close up
35.Wedding Cars/ Transport
36.Guests Arriving
37.Photos Of Family Being Seated
38.Groom Standing At Altar (solo)
39.Photo Of Groom with Celebrant/ Priest etc
40.Ceremony Venue – Wide Shot (empty)
41.Ceremony Venue – Wide Shot (with guests)
42.Ring Bearer (solo)
43.Flower Girl Shot (solo)
44.Bridesmaids lined up ready to walk (group)
45.Bride Walking Down Aisle- Front
46.Bride Walking Down Aisle- Side
47.Father Giving Away Bride
48.Mother + Father During Ceremony
49.Bride and Groom Holding Hands
50.Exchanging Of The Vows
51.The Kiss – Bride & Groom
52.Bride + Groom Just Married
53.Walking Back Down The Aisle Shot
54.Guests – Hugs/Smiles
55.Bride/Groom + Relatives + Friends
56.Wedding Centerpiece Shots
57.Wedding Floral Shots
58.Food Shots
59.Shot Of Head Table
60.Shot Of Each Guest Table
61.Shots Of Bride + Groom Entering Reception
62.Shot Of Bride Portrait
63.Shot Of Bride + Bridesmaids 
64.Bride + Groomsmen
65.Groom + Groomsmen
66.Groom + Bridesmaids
67.Entire Wedding Party
68.Bride and Groom Rings
69.First Dance
70.Bride + Father Dance
71.Groom + Mother Dance
72.Bouquet Toss
73.Groom Removing Garter From Bride
74.Garter Toss
75.Cake (before cutting)
76.Cutting Of The Wedding Cake
77.Dance Floor- Guests Dancing
78.Bride Dancing With Kids
79.Groom Dancing With Kids
80.Bride + Groom talking at Bridal Table
81.Best Man Giving Speech
82.Father of The Bride Speech
83.Bride & Groom Toast
84.Groom Speech
85. Brides Speech
86.Photos Of Bride’s Parents Dancing
87.Photos Of Groom’s Parents Dancing
88.Photos Of Grandparents Dancing
89.Wedding Gifts on Table
90. Brides “Good Luck” Horseshoes on arm
91.Bridesmaids in Powder Room
92. Bride and Groom relaxing in Powder Room
93. Guests Dancing
94. Guest laughing and enjoying themselves (candid)
95. Bride in “Leaving Dress”
96.Bride and Groom Leaving
97.Just Married” Vehicle Sign
98.Bride + Groom Driving Away
99. Reception Tables (empty) to demonstrate a good time had by all! 

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