Monday, March 5, 2012

Color trends of 2012 summer

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You have never thought of,it is a must to keep up with the latest fashion. Let us look at the color of the season.


The color of various shades of pink and coral abound, almost all of the spring / summer fashion collection.These tones from neon pink, salmon off her charming and gentle temperament best watermelon and purple display.

The bright yellow series of colors is essential for the clothes in the summer of 2012. Narcissus, orange, lemon, yellow-green, mustard - just the freedom to choose all possible variations, show your enthusiasm,energetic nature.

Wearing a blue and you are definitely in fashionProduction and dark green, sky blue and sky blue, fresh and lively appearanceor to the navy, indigo and sapphire nobility and with a peaceful feelingIn addition, it is easy to team blue and other colors and prints.
Earth tones claimed this season's trend in the 1970s-style fashion space. Black is no longer the only chiccolors, tell wearers complex. Now you can add to the atmosphere and the earth tones of an old-fashionedclothes, your wardrobe. Brown, red brown, ocher and Sienna are great choices.

Whites and blacks are generally the fist class dressing designer, there is no exception this yearYou are always wrongwhether you are alone in the white or black dress, they together, or pair with other colors.

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