Sunday, March 4, 2012

Preparation before wedding party-Wedding Invitations

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Invitations paper
Forget plain card! All types of contemporary invitation designers, such as the tango design and texture features papers. Beautiful embossed, feeling the texture, silk, lace, frustration mode, and even the use of satin and velvet fabrics have a great impact. In a special handmade paper, look forward to with a variety of exquisite detail. This could be anything, wound from rose petals, pepper, coffee, embedded in the paper fibers. The right to invite the amazing wedding of paper patterns, metal, translucent and handmade paper stunning and stylish wedding invitations flower and metal embedded in the thank you cards and reception place cards.

Invitations color
The tradition wedding invitations ivory white or light brown, but the new version can be  every color of the rainbow. Silver and gold is often used as a contemporary design theme colors, pink, light green and lavender universal. Color ink EN fashion, favorite brown ink on pink paper wedding invitations. Select a color to match your personalized theme.
Invitations shape
The traditional wedding invitations tend to "square.But now ,tall, vertical rectangle is the most popular shape.

Invitations fonts
Now, you no longer restricted to old-fashioned, ornate, cursive fonts wedding invitations (although they look very elegant). Modern clean font lines suit modern wedding, but any font you choose, make sure you restrict only in your wedding invitation two.

Invitations wording
While some couples continue to use traditional wedding invitation wording, many people are with a poem or a romantic quote, personalized the freedom of their own text.

Invitations delivery
The guests of the wedding invitations right side of the envelope? Maybe in the old world, but in the new world and look forward to an accident. Some modern couples have problems of their invitation to inject some interesting procedures. Some turn off the video version of the package, the "personal invitation" a whole new meaning. This invitation vendors have created to your specifications, and then placed in the intricate, hand-painted bottles with sand and shells or sparks and confetti adventure you invite.

DIY wedding invitations
With so many different types of paper, rope, ribbon, stamps, and other wedding stationery, many couples choose to make your own personalized wedding invitations. The dizzi Dezine offers over 1000 different paper, cards and envelopes your dream wedding invitations to choose everything you need. Or visit the inspired bride online through the above link and select a supplier, they will help you create the wedding invitations of your wildest imagination. Do not forget to browse our directory of wedding bomboniere suppliers can provide the perfect wedding memorabilia, souvenirs and gifts to match your invitation.

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