Thursday, March 29, 2012

Colorful Wedding Shoes

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 I seem to have forgotten colored wedding shoes trends, when I tied the knot, I do not want your bride miss this incredible trend. After all,their wedding dresses must match their wedding shoes?

We all know that in fact the possibility of once again wearing a white satin pumps, slim premier. So I say embrace your inner heroine, and a pair of high heels, so that you feel like you are a gorgeous bride. Or the appearance of the red platform, if you can find the color of the crayon box, you must find it in the heel peep toe pump from blue (a blue). Here are some of our favorite bride shaking his unique and colorful wedding shoes shooting.

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  1. ALL of these choices are stunning! has such an eye for fabulous wedding shoes in Washington...I mean look at her adorable ever swoon logo!!! How ever does a all wedding shoes among all of the gorgeousness?


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