Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teach you how to be a modern lady

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1. Hat and sunglasses: Think of the shape. Input combination of a hat outdoors is super classic and the perfect hide any bad hair days. But not any hat! (Obviously, the ball coveris not an ideal look at this ...) to try the hat or bucket hat and a beautiful style and old-fashioned structure. When it comes to sunglasses, think about the shape. The cat's eye swill always be a ladylike staple food.

2. PearlYes. A single string of pearls with any equipment, especially with CARDI (butbrave and kick things offsome contrast lace - MOD, too) clothesIf you really feel boldlong nacre - many of them.

3. Just the right dress ... any dress will be efforts to find a polished, high neckline and small print clothes is really like retroIn order to maintain your looksaid: "too nervous" to enter the territorythe bottom edge to mid-thigh or slightly above the knee depending on your comfort level.

4. A structural packageThe structure is a huge component of this styleYou can put any appearance and structure of the bags, which will add a doseWear cross-body stylethe current distortions.

5 .Wear laceThe lace is a flashback in the best fashion - wearing todayit is very easy.Whether it is a breezy lace dress wearing shorts and a T-shirt or a black lace shirt, which is a little impatient, lace will always evokeladylike look.

Just remember: ladylike, you do not need a ball gownYou do not need to look like you just stepped off the plot of Downton Abbey (although this would be cool, because I'm obsessed with ...)Just add a few elements of your everyday style PolandThat's it. You see the "now"but also aroused the old school class.

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