Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trends In Wedding Ties-Blue ties

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For a girl planning a wedding, to-do list never seems go to the end. From picking flowers in arrangements, decided the venue, select a color palette to determine what kind of wedding, the best man of the relationship will wear, the task stack soon.

Bride have to help her husband, father, brother, grandfather and any other person in the wedding to pick out the relationship of the wedding, they will exercise an important moment. Ushered in new trends of modern members of the wedding. A solid dark suit, or light blue tie with light-colored suit and blue tie, very popular.

Outdoor wedding are often free, and allows a little dress. Black tuxedo can be very hot in places other than the wedding. Knowingly sweating the best man is not beautiful wedding, many brides choose leisure colorful wedding the relationship between light-colored suit.

Another popular wedding trend of the relationship is to match the best man bridesmaids dress. And the relationship these days, so many colors, it is very easy to match the color. The bride can even choose the pattern of the wedding relationship, pick up some of the color of the bridesmaid dresses.

Bow ties are also popular comeback on the wedding scene. But instead of the traditional evening dress and black tie, the bride choose a fashionable patterned bow tie, or solid in luxurious silk fabrics. White and blue striped tie, will be the perfect complement to a nautical theme wedding.

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