Friday, March 2, 2012

Interpretation of Western-style wedding dress

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White wedding dress is the most important part of the modern wedding culture, any country, in addition to retaining the wedding dress of their own ethnic, more and more couples choose white wedding dress, white dress. The white wedding dress has become the most typical representative of the wedding dress, women had always been to have the dream of a white silk dress.

The history may seem a long history, in fact,160 years of history.
Since Roman times, white symbolizes celebration, but before the 19th century, women, and there is no specific wedding dress, just feel the most beautiful clothes to wear on their wedding day. Until the British Queen Victoria put the first a white wedding dress, worldly woman has since rewritten the fate of their wedding. Prior to this, the British royal wearing the wedding dress has always been extremely grand, a gemstone crown, coupled with studded jewelery silver evening dress, the Waipi a fur coat. Queen Victoria in 1840 to abandon the traditional luxury of dress, wore dressed in a beautiful brocade dress, matched with a veil around the orange pattern, creating a sensation. 1850 to 1900, white is also a sign of wealth. Since then, the bride of the royal family and high society have to follow. To the early twentieth century, the significance of the white represents purity than any other. White are usually the preferred color of the dress, a symbol of the bride's beauty and holiness.

The white wedding dress preferred, but will have different customs in different countries.
In many places in the United States, traditional wedding, the bride's wedding dress is a special request, which must be with the old and new, borrowed, blue four characteristics. The so-called new, the bride wore a white wedding dress must be new. Marks the beginning of a new life; so-called old, it is the bride wearing white gauze must be old. And the mother used the old yarn that never forget the grace of parenting; and by then the bride holds in his hand a white handkerchief must be borrowed from his girlfriend there, meaning not forget the friendship of friends; As for the blue The bride, who draped the ribbon is blue, symbolizing the bride and the loyalty of love will never change.

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