Friday, March 2, 2012

Why always White Wedding Dress?

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You may imagine your wedding day at the same time or the other little girls, maybe you have your entire wedding binder 16-year-old fill And opportunities for you to imagine yourself walking the aisle in a white dress. Why white? This commonly known, to accept the traditional local to?

I do not know, but before I entered the world of the wedding dresses, I think white is a symbol of purity, if you are a virgin, or, more generally, if this is the first time you get married, you wear a white dress. If this is your second (or more) wedding, some form of ivory or beige is the color that you accept. I believe it or not, the blue color represents purity and the Virgin Mary to do a Google Image Search, you will see the color of each screen in blue. In medieval Europe, even until the late fifteenth century, white as the color of mourning! This is still a number of countries and cultures, such as the Hindu case.

Therefore, the arrival of the image of the white wedding dress, how to do? The brides wear their wedding dress color (including black and red, two of the more popular color) arrays, each time wearing a white dress is from a wealthy family by the royal family or the bride. Gowns, often heavy brocade fabric, and embroidered with white and silver lines. White is considered impractical, because it get dirty easily, and therefore can only be worn once, so only wealthy families to see the bride wearing white. Back in 1840, Price Albert, Queen Victoria married. She has some exquisite white lace of her worship, and hoped it into her clothes, she has a white silk dress, she made a precious lace (see picture below), veil. See the decals on her dress, orange blossom, thought to bring good luck along with their fragrance. Many people believe that a statement of the Queen Victoria, was born a new trend!

In the church for religious reasons to embrace this trend; children (boys and girls) was baptized, baptism gowns they wear, like wedding little white dress. Increase with age as a young girl, by confirming; pledged their faith behavior, thereby becoming a complete on behalf of members of the Church. Do you guess what these ceremonies they wear? This is correct, a white dress. You can see photos of the baptism and confirmation of the following dress. The white dress has become recognized as clothing, women wear, religious vows, wedding vows times.

However, this is mainly true of Western culture. In India, China, Korea and Vietnam, on their wedding day the bride dressed in red; in Japan, they wear the clothes of many different colors a day.

Therefore, it is What does it mean for the modern bride? This means that you can wear any color you want! In fact, these days the bride does not often wear a real white dress; real white and many color does not look good. Ivory, beige and white is more common, because they are shades of white guests often does not know.

Maybe you want to go from the specification, but you are also not ready to wear the blue dress? Try to add a color belt or shoulder strap splash of color and personality compliment your wedding colors or bridesmaid dresses. Pastel is another subtle way to deviate from traditional light pink, yellow, blue and purple are often the most popular, if this is the right shade, it is almost like a hint of color, rather than a full colored dress.

Then, like to make a statement, you know who you are the bride! Vera Wang, BHLDN and Oscar de la Renta just a few of a colored gown designer, and sometimes splash, sometimes black or red! Therefore, you should wear what color your wedding day, you can see that these amazing dresses? Whether your favorite color and your skin tone and hair color looks good, after all, this is your luminous day, you should do exactly what you want!

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