Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY or professionally made wedding invitations

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The bride is often asked whether I should buy one yourself kit, or get their invitation, to obtain professional. Sometimes they are uncertain, because they do not know whether they have time, or if they would save enough money is worth. I usually answer, ask them three questions.

Why do you want to DIY?

Do you have any equipment?

You have the time to the DIY?

If the answer is to save money, then I usually ask if they have developed the overall cost difference. This is the budget of most people tend not to do so, they often just assume that if they do it themselves, it will work cheap. However, savings are often lower than expected, the same amount of money can often be more easily stored in another area. Requirements per head discount dollars, you can save your catering services try.

Now, if one of the answer is, they want creative, very proudly, "I'm doing their own", then the other questions we need to look more closely.

Do you have any equipment?
It seems simple, there really are only three of equipment, most people may not. Do you have a good access to the printer? Inspection. You have access to the guillotine or rotary fine tuning? Inspection. Do you have access to the software laid the invitation? Inspection. You want as a result of the same professional in the sample, you order? Inspection. When most people check the list, they are talking about a good inkjet printer or a small desktop laser, both of which are great general printing. Although they have limitations.

Inkjet printers use liquid ink, print some documents, and other bleeding or running text and images look fuzzy or confusing. Desktop Laser is a great thin paper printing, but usually will not accept the thicker cards, many invited. They usually talk about software on the Microsoft ® Word, it has its limitations. Any professional stationery suppliers will use graphics software, such as the installation of Adobe ® Illustrator ® or CorelDRAW ®. Use Word, not only limits what we can do graphics, it is difficult to print exactly what you want on the page. This means that there may be printed several test and waste a few hours, just trying to get it set up correctly. It could also mean that the downsizing will be invited than it should be a great difficulty.

Do you have the time?
This issue is fully loaded. Most brides today go out to work, trying to organize their wedding on their lunch break and after work. Many people believe that they have enough time to do their invitation, until they really begin this process. You need time to design and set up printing text. You need time to test the print and re-design. You need to go to the store to buy the bits of paper, card, glue or tape, may involve more than one store. Think of the gasoline, you spend and add to the cost. Are you still save money? If online ordering, added to the cost of shipping, especially from multiple sites to buy. You will also need time to cut and assemble the invitation. You say, "I sat on a glass of wine in front of the TV and do this." I even heard someone say that they will work with the couple of girlfriends one night, no problem! These are generally the same in tizz who contact us, ask us to receive the number of put together, they have fallen into the plight of the invitation or run time to complete. Then, of course, your boss asks you, you was not going to do to invite the possibility of weeks late work. Then what happens?

Now, I'm not saying people should not DIY. I want to say yes, you need to carefully consider whether it is one of those people. DIY, you need to plan extra time, so Murphy's Law. You need to have confidence, you can do all the tasks, you need to get the job done. The most important thing is that you need to know your motives, for the DIY. If it is just to save money, then I suggest you be extra cautious. The overall energy for most people, equipment has been enough time to spare no effort, and ultimately will be less than $ 2.00 per invitation, although it will vary depending on the design choices. Think of those additional costs are often ignored, such as printer ink or toner waste an average of 20 sheets of paper printing and cutting errors and additional gasoline or shipping when you realize that half of you running through this work .

So, is there any good on DIY? Yeah, well, here is for those who want to save money or want to do this good news, but no real equipment or time. These days, many wedding stationery shop semi-self as an option package. In short, this option all the hard work, you need expensive equipment away from you, leaving a simple (but often time-consuming) task to complete. Professional stationery design, printing and cutting bits and all you have to do is assembled invitation. Really need is some glue or tape, and a good eye. Any printing or cutting errors become the responsibility of the supplier, you will get the real savings of your professional looking for stationery. Again, this option may not be suitable for everyone.

You still have to do some work, if you are busy, it may be better just to get professionals to do it all, so that your invitation arrives, ready to pop up and send in an envelope. Finally, send your invitation and get feedback, they are lovely, probably the most satisfying part of the whole process!

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