Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tips for the groom

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Now you've got the Coloane and suggestions, here are some tips to help the smooth running of your trip to the altar ...

As the bride needs time to organize her wedding dress, you will need about 4 or 5 months before the big day, start looking for your choice. Do not wait until a week ago to figure out what you will wear, because you may not find you in such a short period of time after the notice of your wedding.

Make sure you have decided in advance, if you rent we purchased the day of the wedding suit, but also to find out what kind of style that best suits your Should buy your dress or retain about three months before the wedding.

Ask your bride, some of the details of her dress. This will help you co-ordinated clothing to make you look great for a day, your clothes will compliment each other.

Try not to shave the day before your wedding. You plan to have a proper shave before, so dressed in the ceremony. You are soft, smooth and your bride. There is nothing more than stubble sting worse.

The last thing you want is a shaving rash. To avoid the direction of hair growth shave razor burn.

To keep mints in your pocket, you will have a fresh breath all day.

On your wedding day, eat a hearty breakfast, and try to relax.

Do not smoke or drink before you go to pick up your bride. You will want to smell, show your best when you arrive at her place.

Perfume and flowers will fill the air, so you do not have to wear Cologne. The smell of soap should be what you need.

Make sure your day these things before the wedding:

Polished shoes
Tuxedo shirt stud
Socks usually is black
Tuxedo or suit

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