Thursday, April 5, 2012

Makeup of the wedding day

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Your wedding day will see you become the center of attention for the entire day. Everyone will look at you, so you want to look your best. From the inputs of the veil, kissing your husband and dance, your makeup will be interference. Compliment your characteristics as your wedding make-up plays an important role in the wedding dress and accessories, it is important to try to look your best.

To ensure that your makeup looks very beautiful, professional makeup artist. Please make sure you have a few months before your wedding day trial.


Your skin is the basis of your wedding day make-up, because this is the beginning of all this. Make sure you drink plenty of water, and away from the solar cycle leading wedding.

If you do not use lip balm and moisturizer, it is now time to start. These projects will help keep the skin refreshed. Lip balm to moisturize your lips, which is useful on chapped lips, because the color fades unevenly.

For brides with oily skin, be sure to avoid any harsh skin care, because these can actually increase the amount of oil for your skin. A better choice is a special cleaning agent for your skin type and balanced skin care routine.

Do not be afraid to experiment wedding makeup. Your goal should be to select at least one month before your make-up wedding, so you can be sure you do not have nasty reactions to new products.

Before the wedding to get your last week of regular facial. If you rarely face, not to one month's wedding.

Tucked in the bouquet used a handkerchief to wipe your groom's mouth after the kiss lipstick


Now, your skin is looking fantastic, you want a flawless complexion:
This is a good idea to apply to some of the moisture of approximately 20 minutes, and then start applying your makeup. This will help to reduce the slide.

Use some of your concealer under the eyes. If you expect that you will do some crying, looking for oil-based concealer.

If you are usually the basis of wear easily, trying to find a formula that will help in a little oil. Completion of foundation and powder.


For the blushing bride, do not disappear, and yellow at the ceremony, the use of powder blush, because they usually lasted for more than cream blush.


Never pick or wax eyebrows to get married that day. Overkill, it is always the chance, you can develop a red rash.

Good results before using the eye color of eye shadow base, and apply the neutrality of the shadow of the eye. This will give you a softer more natural appearance. Prepare your eyelids eye shadow base or a little face powder. Eyes using white pencil inside the lower rim, to illuminate them.

Coated with two layers of waterproof mascara coats. A few seconds to let each layer dry before applying the next layer. If you think you cry a lot, leave your lower lashes clean, you will reduce the stain.

You may want to try another idea eyelash perm. They will last approximately nine weeks.


If there is one thing you can bank, which is, you will do a lot of your wedding day kiss. This means that you need a lip color will last. For a long-lasting, attractive and kisses, try the tips below.

Be sure to use your hair and eye color, and use a lip liner the color of the same color family looks. First outline your lips, then fill them with an additional layer of color. Matte or longwearing lipstick, because you do not want to constantly re-apply your makeup during the day.

Layer of lip products, such as primer, lipstick or paint to help make the lipstick stay in

Always brush your teeth before hand to ensure a clean, fresh and teeth.

To apply your lipstick with a lip brush. The first layer of lipstick, apply with a paper towel, and applies to the second layer.

There must be mistakes remover ready. We all know, the lippy not just wipe. Do not close the beautiful white gown!

Test your make-up

Make sure you test your make-up, about two weeks before your wedding. This will give you time to do any adjustments. Keep your makeup for a meal time, how do you see a few hours later. You may even want to get your face a spray bottle, spritz of water to simulate tears. This will help you determine your make-up you need stamina.

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