Friday, April 13, 2012

Tips to deal with your wedding day stress

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Each couple has experienced the pressure of the wedding, these suggestions will help you deal more effectively with it.
  • Long candlelit bath soak away from pressure. Add some well-deserved 1-2 drops of essential oils.
  • Sit and read or watch movies. If you feel the pressure from the wedding plans to take a breakthrough. The rest can help you clear your mind and return to the task more focused.
  • Turn on your radio and dance. Yes, your neighbors may think you are strange. Ignore them, this is a great stress reliever.

  • If you feel like yelling, yell at a pillow. Swear, shout, let your frustration! As an additional benefit, not hurt people's feelings.
  • Good romantic to do some of your fiance, or some others. Lift your mood, make you feel good about themselves.

  • Play games on your computer or a humorous Web search.

  • Take your fiance vacation or road trip. Spend time together, remember the reasons you want to get married. This will also help your relationship grow and develop.
  • Exercise, which will help relieve stress. Medical reasons, exercise to release endorphins. Another activity of the endorphin release is gender.
  • Get outside and enjoy outdoor activities. If you build a snowman, garden or barbecue, which will inspire you.
  • To sleep. It sounds simple, but few of us get enough sleep. Therefore, we will end up feeling tired and listless. Sleep can help your mood, energy and attention.

  • Do not be too upset the little things, your guests probably will not notice!
  • Writing in the standard form of contract, the supplier of the service agreement. Spell out exactly what you want when your booking. Do not wait until the wedding day to make significant changes.
  • Learning delegate is crucial, especially the wedding day. Other person responsible for paying the suppliers, the guest book from the ceremony a reception site, double check and meals suppliers, or any other small tasks. Read through your list and distribution of all!
  • The week before the wedding, to appeal to all the suppliers and check the date, time and location, to verify that the correct information. The case of people, they do not show the same day to their list of phone numbers.

  • Packaging and carry emergency kit, including the bride, extra tights, clear nail Poland run, tissues, aspirin, spot remover, static cling spray, hemming tape, band-aid, sewing kit, safety pins. The groom's kit include: mouthwash, breath mints, razor, Cologne and comb.
  • Tighten the false ring ring pillow, so they would not fall off. An adult to carry the real ones. In addition, do not let the pillow Tong, until about two minutes ago, they started down the aisle.
  • Even if you are nervous and do not like it, eat before the wedding. Some people pick up a sandwich or a vegetable tray sharing and bridesmaids. You do not think the faint before, all the friends and family!

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