Saturday, April 14, 2012

Unique and Beautiful Wedding Cakes

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The wedding cake is not just dessert. They are one of the most memorable part of your reception. The couple always choose the cake of a certain "wow" factor, but seems to be looking for a fully customized cake is memorable because it is beautiful and delicious the bride and groom. Cake artists in the rising challenges,to create a gorgeous masterpiece is unique, and sometimes is a little unusual candy. We have selected some of our favorite cake characteristics, but stilldazzling. We also break them into several different topics, recently brought to our eyes.

Inspired by the art
Art lovers will enjoy by famous works of art from the likes of the wedding cakeinspired by Van Gogh and Klimt.


Colorful dessert
Pure white or ivory wedding cake of the day is gone forever. A popular color iswhat brides want to see these days, even if it is only bunting below the cake of ababy elephant pattern on the decorative touch.

Playful cake
Non-traditional colors and shapes come together to create a wedding cake,cheerfully define newlyweds personality.

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