Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe Satin Pumps

Christian Louboutin Eugenie Satin Pumps

Donna Karan Peep Toe Raffia Pumps

Echinacea by Kurt Geiger

Eddi Shoe by Bally

Fendi Tulle Embellished Suede Sandals

Jimmy Choo Zap Shoes

Miu Miu Satin Platform Pumps

Nicholas Kirkwood

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Sweet (Heart) shoe

Wedding flower

Pin It Roses and hydrangeas in soft yellows and pinks spill out over a tall glass vase, while submerged orchids add unexpected drama to the arrangement.

Search for the perfect prom dresses based on your body

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Honeybuy Prom want to help narrow your search for the perfect prom dresses, to provide guidancebased on your body.

The extra tall beauty is the most suitable ruched styleThe material gathered to hug the bodyand exacerbate legsLong legs also show the level of the skirt of the dressShort before the showclosed, and long in the back balance.

Petite:Honeybuyrecommended the mermaid dress , also known as the flared skirtI must sayI do not agree with thisShort gallon may be cut off the mermaid skirt blockWhat a waste of money!

Another option is  popular bubble skirtUsually in a very short dress, this style is the petites perfect! A short dress is usually a good vertical challenge the long dress hit at least three inches above the knee (elongated legs!) Anything longer just looks housewife.

Curvy girls concerned about the chest and shouldersone shoulder dressShoulder tied nudity and other to attract the eyeat the same time lose weight!

Also maintained the line style of the Forum, especially the empire waist to seeA corset, just under the bust line flares to help camouflage the curveyou do not want to admit thatat the same time aggravate you!

Pear-shaped:like most women in the United StatesFor the new trendthe Greek style, excellent work!Jewel necklineusually thick, to form a necklace around the neck is the most popular casual and formal wear trends.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What do you know before deciding on your wedding suit

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Bride: First, you need to know some basic truth when it comes to appropriate dress, and your big day. The first is to always remember that your fiance's dress looks like, and accordingly to pick the color of your suit.Make sure you have, I have, I know you should not see the clothes, or bad luck. Asks the bride subtle cues such as color, style and accessories to you so that you can match it. Better have seen the image of the dress, to help you.
Wedding theme and color: some wedding, the theme of the wedding in order to find it and then decide.Always remember to keep a professional look, because what you wear, you will see immortalized in your wedding photos, from now until death do us part of you. When you pick your suit and color scheme, I remember the place you want to keep it simple too much color may seem tacky, especially if you have two or even three color schemes. Equally important is to pick the color will compliment each other.

The rest of the wedding: You must remember that the other party and the people to give up to change her fiance. They should follow the above rules to ensure that no one came out to do too much color the bride look is not enough, you should have a uniform appearance, which is some small adjustments to make the groom's preferred him stand out. When it comes to comfort and fit, and other matters. You can spend all the money in the world, but if you have an ill-fitting clothes uncomfortable, it would undermine the proceedings of your life. Always remember to do their homework.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pregnant wedding dresses

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You have been running around your best friend to find her perfect wedding dresses in the  inbaggy clothes. She has found her dress, but you? You are pregnant, now it is the time to find your gorgeous Pregnant wedding dress.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sexy Styles of Spring Wedding Dresses

Pin It Sometimes you want with your wedding dress risque! If your personality is a day of fashion and fashionable; Why change your wedding day your style? Sometimes you just want to show off your sexy curves, because you've won them hard in the gym.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Register now and get coupon

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Never Too Late For Love: 100 Year Old Lady Gets Married!

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Two lovebirds who recently took the plunge—at ages 100 and 87! Bride Dana Jackson, who officially became a centenarian on her wedding day, married Bill Strauss, 13 years her junior, at the Rosewood Health Care Center in Bowling Green, Ky., on February 13.



Friday, February 24, 2012

Tips for bridals want to wear long tail wedding dresses

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Marriage is a top priority in life, the styles of wedding dresses are many, such as: floor length wedding dresses,long tail wedding dresses, princess wedding dresses,each wedding wear is different, the following are tips for bridals want to wear long tail wedding dresses.

Point 1: Required broad wedding venue

Venue for long tail wedding dress is very picky, if the venue is too small, uneven ground, and even some dry twigs dipped in water the grass all the way adhesion, people must be disappointed plus remorse and. Thus the wedding venue to the main romantic beach, the holy Church is preferred. Wedding Car should also be taken, where appropriate areas. According to Designer, trailing wedding is generally large, ordinary saloon cars basic fit, even if reluctantly put down, get off the long tail will not open due to stretch and wrinkled, so that the bride's image greatly reduced.

Point 2: attach importance to etiquette

The bride needs to learn some manners behavior, because the wedding day all over the court move, followed by the "tail", if the walking speed through the fast or turned pieces through the large, it may not alert trailing stumbled heel or other obstacles matter, fails to beautiful. Select the flower girl, then as far as possible with the older flower girl, and concluded that there is sufficient strength. Small tail wedding dress comfortable, lightweight road suitable variety of body bride. Tail wedding dress is the most suitable walking the red carpet, neither to be flower girl, do not worry about being stepped on causing embarrassed, but it is inappropriate body is too skinny bride. The long tail wedding dress is every woman's dream of a princess from the girls start it is more appropriate body tall bride, short body of the bride put on the feeling of being engulfed.

Point 3: With the close companion

Your other half know you in order to make the wedding more beautiful, and very hard wearing extremely move the inconvenience of trailing wedding?, The groom should be clear to the wedding day, it is necessary to become a hard working gentleman, well-being at the mercy of any bride. 

Point 4: the wedding trailing can generally be divided into a small delay (about 60 to 80 cm), drag (about 120 to 150 cm), and long delay (about 200 to 250 cm), of course, the longer the majority want to made. Different length tail wedding for wedding places, but mostly the bride with different size.

Point 5: match with the appropriate accessories
The bride's accessories can be described as the perfect essence of wedding planning program, can only match with the wedding decent jewelry for the bride to become exciting and eye-catching. According to the wedding image of the designer, the long tail, the most appropriate match atmosphere to wake up the target accessories, bridal modeling can exaggerate, but not complicated.
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