Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The modern man's suits for looking hip and handsome

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The modern man's suits for looking hip and handsome.They give you the ability to the classic appearance of the rock, but also has a point  with your personal style with their own.The rise in popularity, many formal and casual can now be rented from the tuxedo rental suit store. However, we believe that everyone should tailor-made suit and in his closet.There is no better time to buy one, you can wear over the past few years.

Formal suit:

This is all about suitable. If you feel uncomfortable too large or too small a suit, you will distraction of the night, and your guests are sure to pay attention.Black and dark gray suit is the most formal color for future use is the most versatile.Adhere to the black, gray, silver, exquisite and elegant appearance of a white or very lightly pattern.The modern suit jacket is the most common single-breasted, you can have two or three buttons. Two button jacket has a very long vertical shape and three-button jacket has a wider, boxier shape of hear numbers like the Super 110, 120 or 150? These are the classification of wool, suit By. Under normal circumstances, the higher the number, fine wool and soft will.With a well-fitting clothes, your shirt sleeve should extend about a half an inch beyond your jacket sleeve .And about half an inch above the jacket collar.

Leisure suit:

Navy, tan and light gray woolen suit, sharp-eyed, but casually carefree.Light-colored linen, poplin is cool, comfortable, casual during warm summer wedding.Try a bright color or pattern , in line with your wedding palette relax things a bit, or completely give up the tie for a modern relaxed look.Like the look of the layer? Wearing a suit, shirt, tie, sweater vest, below or to buy three authentic retro suit.The mode of mixing and matching can be done, do it well. Creative experiments.Pattern combinations in your suit, shirt, tie and pocket square fabrics.Any litigation to a more modern, select the plane in front of trousers and a good custom, slim fit jacket.


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