Thursday, February 2, 2012

Choose a suitable wedding suits

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It is no secret, every bride wants to be princess (Or queen) in her wedding day

You know, waiting for the prince may be to imagine yourself as James Bond do?However, from these four considerations, choose the groom's suit, he had no reason not Mr. Sharp and stylish as the notorious bond.

Wedding time

Dear James, failure is not about one thing, he is always dressed for the occasion.Morning suits, wide at the back end of a long black or gray coat, and should only be wearing a dress in the morning and dinner suits should only be worn in the evening.Agreement, they are not suitable for weddings, starting before 6 pm, but if after the start of your wedding reception, then you might just get it.

The style event

Leisure, such as beach wedding ceremony for the men's lightweight light-colored shadow. According to what the bride is wearing, you can even escape the clothes pants and shirt collar wide lapelled. For very formal occasions, dress to impress white tie ensemble black tuxedo, white vest or vest. Spurling Bridal and formal wear men's suits and other men's formal wear to suit any style of wedding has a huge range - from the traditional church ceremony to a more relaxed garden wedding.

The groom's body

Short, thin man wearing a low-button stance should be two or three buttoned suit jackets, as they will elongate the body. These jackets should be jointly tuxedo pants or pleated trousers. Short and broad groom Don and get one or two single-breasted jacket waist closure suit, one is ideal. Suit should wear a vest instead of a cummerbund though, vest, will hide a thick waist, and a cummerbund, will draw attention to it. 

Tall, muscular men should wear no frills, clean lines, to avoid double-breasted jackets and pleated shirts, because they add bulk. However, the tall, thin men are fortunate to and from the present five-button single-breasted jacket to wear almost any style, the classic double-breasted tuxedo. Ferrari officially, and the bride groom and best man in the outfitting of experts to fit her body, and ensure that they stand out in any crowd.


And once the search is over, once it is wear and admiration, the groom at the reception you can relax and enjoy the long-awaited martini, shaken, not stirred of course.


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